Haunted by Halloween!

Oh yeah. I have been meaning to post the logo I created for the Townhouse of Terror, which is what we branded our Hallowe'en party with, but I kept forgetting to.

Life's been busy!

So here's a low res version of the logo this year. It was a blast!

It was a great turn out, with tons of great conversations and it was a great mix of people. I think we're growing up, it was almost a cocktail party! With crazy costumes, that is. I went as a clairvoyant this year. Contacts are a riot.

My mind has been completely filled with everything social networking and beyond lately. It's incredible how much things have changed in this new digital age, and how many opportunities there are to reach out to audiences if you want to put the effort into it. My gears are turning and the creativity is flowing; I hope to have more to share with you soon!

Trying to appear athletic..

Spending a lot of time shopping for other people this year for Christmas has had me stumble across this beauty:

 And OMYGOD I neeeeed it! Oh, imagine how cute it would be to carry my lovely camera in. MUCH better than the lunchbag-looking one I currently possess. Santa, I've been very good this year!

The camera bag is by ACME MADE out of San Fran, and I think they're kinda brilliant!

I have a coupon code, even (psstt "MILLER50") for 50% off (which applies to all their products, shoppers!). We'll have to see how Christmas goes this year. This may be something I'll have to get myself! :)


Subliminal Messaging

My coworker showed me this video of subliminal messaging and how it works, and I thought it was so neat, I just had to share it! So, please enjoy this video!

Click here to go to youtube, sorry, it won't let me embed it)


This is Hallowe'en, Everybody scream!

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted. My daily design challenges have become very un-daily, but I am definitely working on getting some time to myself to it again. Or at least once a week!

I've got some stuff in motion, because Hallowe'en approaches, and we're excited to be hosting the "Townhouse of Terrors" at our place this year!

So.. here we go - branding, invitations, etc. I'm getting very excited about all the ideas that I am waiting to put into motion.. let's see what we can accomplish this year.

Dollar store, here we COME!


Better Together

I am so excited to share with you the project I have been working on for Family and Childrens' Services. It was a capital campaign called Better Together, and I got the wonderful job of branding it in its entirety - from logo to print pieces.

This brochure can also be found here, as an online .pdf

Unfortunately, life's been busy so I haven't had a chance to photograph these pieces for you and the computer mock-ups just don't do it justice, but I'd like to share with you anyway!

It's called Better Together, because it's based on the concept that families operate when they can learn together. They want to build a family center, so instead of splitting up families, they can enable and encourage everyone to work together as a team, with classrooms and courses - to give families tools to stay together and create healthy environments. It's pretty awesome. Click here for more details about it!

If you're looking to make a donation, this is such an excellent cause, and such a wonderful team. I can't wait to see the completed building. It was such a pleasure to work on something that is so wonderful.

I don't know how to do 'jumps' on a blog yet, so I'm sorry to drive you bonkers as you wait for these to load, but here are a couple more pieces:

Signing off!


Last Fling

My lovely friend, Di, is getting married - as one of my other 'daily' design challenges shows. So, I've decided to throw her the bachelorette party, which I am super pumped about!

So, today, I created this - in order to come up with the theme and colours of the party - based on the birch theme that she and her fiance will be using for their wedding.

Love you, Di! This is sure to be a blast!



Oh man, am I a lucky girl or what? My brother and my Nana (awesome, awesome lady) decided that for my birthday, a week ago, they would get me a Wacom Tablet!!!!!. I have to be honest. I thought I would pick it up and voila, I'd be a regular Monet in no time, but it's quite a bit more difficult to adjust to than I had thought, which made things very intimidating, and ended up with me letting it sit on my desk this week, for fear of failure!

I like to be able to pick things up quickly, this was not going to happen overnight!

So today I figured I'd try that graffiti application on facebook with it, and voila:
I've got a ways to go, but I'm starting to get more of a feel for it. This could quickly become an obsession.

In other news, I am also now the proud owner of a Schwinn Veracruz:
TheGuy decided to spoil me. I'm tricking it out, so imagine it with a wicker basket and some pink streamers - more to go, but that'll come! So I've been ripping around town, and I can't even tell you how much FUN I've been having with it! What a summer it's been so far - keeping me away from my own design challenge, but I'm getting fresh air and sunlight, and lots of laughs, so I think it's okay!

Stay tuned - hopefully I will have more wacom delights to share with you soon!


I wish I invented this

How freaking cool is this?

I'm going camping this weekend and stumbled across this little beaut. How COOL is this? So small, it can be towed by a small car - can hold up to 800 lbs of stuff.. everything folds and packs away making this a terrific trailer for towing ATVs and stuff like that - also, bike racks can be mounted on top. And there's room for a King and a half sized bed in there  - mattresses can fold down, or two singles - plus they're flip to be a table! What a sweet little trailer for a couple of camping enthusiasts! I love the look and design, and I love how spacious it is inside!

But.. sigh, money doesn't grow on trees, and so, this won't belong to me any time in the near future. But still, so cool. Y'know?

Wanna read more? Click here and you'll see pics of it, too!



I always thought it would be cool to come up with a line of cards that are for the not-so-everyday occasions. I figured it would be ten thousand years before it was possible, but with this zazzle business, I can get to work on it right now!

Braceface card
Braceface by pattiatti
Browse all other greeting cards available at zazzle

So, there's the first - a congratulatory card for new bracefaces - whether it's from a family member or from a dentist, I think it'd be pretty handy. More stuff is floating around this head of mine, so we'll see what the outcome of that is.

In other news, it is hotter than blazes here today - I've just been laying low, sipping lots of water, trying not to generate any body heat. Ah, summer. All I need is a pool, and life would be perfect!


Can you say no to adair?

So, I'm really making an effort here, people. Really trying to get into the blogging groove again. So I thought I'd share something that I did for my brother earlier this month - or maybe it was last month.

He decided that he was going to run for co-president of his highschool (in the name of being politically correct, there's no head girl / head boy anymore. It's co-prez). He really liked that my blog is called 'Can you say no to Adair' and he wanted to use that as his catch phrase for his highschool. So, that part was done. It was just making it a little fun and wacky for the highschool students to gobble up.

So there it is. I used the graphic from my blog because that was easy peasie. And there's good ol' Tim on the front. The best part? He won. He will now get to spend his last year of highschool as top dawg. woof woof, Tim. Congrats.


Back to it!

Well, I've been a pretty crummy blogger for the last few months. Moving has just inspired me in different ways and, let's face it - this weather just begs a person to stay outside and soak in the sunshine.

That being said, I've been newly inspired by this whole Zazzle business. The idea of having my work printed on tees, notecards, etc. is just too exciting for words. So, I've gotten my mojo back. More ideas that I can create at the moment, which is super, super awesome! So I've got two goodies to share with you today, as a way to be all like "yo, I'm back - please keep checking this pathetic excuse for a blog". I hope that you enjoy them.

The first is all abut a little song that all-to-often gets stuck in my head. Maybe you'll like it (it'd make a conversation piece of a tee, wouldn't it? (sorry about the linking to the goods.. I'd just like to sell some stuff, but feel free to ignore!)

The second is a big 'holla' to all those lovely moms out there who have, are going to, or are, popping little human beings out while being gorgeous femme fatales at the same time.  

Stay tuned, there's more up here in this wackadoodle brain of mine!


the hem of your garment...

Get it as a t-shirt!

I think this might be the beginning of an addiction!


Bill Cosby would be proud.

Strange where inspiration can come from. That was a whole lot of weird and oddness - thought I was going crazy. Our web programmer just calmly said "oh, it's an earthquake" and hasn't said anything since.

Ack. 2012 is getting closer....


Love, love, love.

Today is theGuy and my 10 year anniversary! Pretty exciting if you ask me! He sent this pretty bouquet of flowers to my work - I feel special!

It's been a while since I've posted, but I assure you I have been working hard! I have some stuff to post to share, I've just been super busy. Not to mention the fact that I got a new scanner and can't figure out how to get it and my computer to talk to each other. Guess they're not the match that theGuy and I are.

Happy day to everyone!


Fertigo 'aint no Alfred Hitchcock.

So, I just thought I would share with you another new favourite font of mine, Fertigo. It's delicate and lovely, and it's available free here. Can't believe I'm giving that one away.

Anyway. My life is crazy busy - as usually happens this time of year - and I've been in a flurry of activity! Excitement! I do have some challenges in mind for the upcoming weeks; it'll just be finding time to do them!

Happy Friday!


Sew, what's new

Okay. So, I pretty much rule in the whole suck-at-keeping up a blog realm of the earth. This house business has kept me busy, and between birthdays and all the other little things I've been doing, life has been busy. See that? So extremely busy that busy is italicized.

Anyway. Excuses, excuses. I have been busily crafting, which has been wonderful - but I should be documenting my results here. And, to be quite honest, I miss my daily design challenges. They were fun and whimsical and made me happy.

But! The house is much more set up now, and so I will be able to start using my studio,my drafting table that's been stored away for so long... I'm excited. The studio has been such a fun project for me! I am now in love with spray paint - got some old frames, scuffed them up, and had a lesson from theGuy, who is the king of finishing (let's be honest here.. he kind of.. erm.. saved the day and made them what they are) and printed and framed some of my daily designs. But my favourite thing of all is that I finally busted out the lovely sewing machine I got from my mom for Christmas in 2008 and made this curtain:

It's felt. I cut those circles out and sewed them together! I can't take credit for the concept; Design Sponge had a lovely tutorial and I just gobbled it up! Happy Days! I now have a sweet little curtain on the door to the balcony off my studio, and I love it.

Keep checking in. I have a few projects I'm excited to share with you, but I have to wait until they are officially released to the public before posting them. Stay tuned! Happy Friday!


Not a latte

Today someone was nice enough to pick me up a latte from the evil coffee place that starts with an 's'. I fancy myself a bit of a caffeine junkie - I run off the stuff. Butt I drink teas, people. TEAS!

I will never drink a latte again. I am so jittery right now, I could literally register on the Richter scale. Serious!

So, to take my  mind off it, I whipped up this jittery little latte.

Type sourced from Dafont, it's called "Lakestreet".

Oh baby - this is going to be some crash!


Rain on my parade, why don'tcha

Just a little quickie with my new favourite font, Museo (with a few little tweaks, of course), which, incidentally, became my favourite just in time for Dell to swoop in and make it theirs ... hiss.

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring or something. I know that rain is all spring like, and hey, I'm not against the whole April-Showers-bring-May-Flowers thing, but it is making me yawn and yawn and yawn, and I need a little pep in my step!


Home at last

I'm baaaaack.

Although it may have seemed like I was slacking off big-time, I've actually been knee deep in moving: drywall dust, boxes, paint - working from dusk till dawn (actually, way past that, but there aren't any cliches that I can think of which will sum up exactly how hard theGuy and I have been working). There's still some unpacking to do, pictures to be hung, but the house is really starting to come together and feel like ours.

Our friends lived in this house previously, so I've been here many times. After we first moved in, it felt oddly like we were just hanging out at their house, instead of feeling like ours. So, we painted. 

And painted and painted and painted. Oh yeah, and there was this whole incident with plaster and drywall dust that still leaves my skin feeling like it has a film of dust on it. And so, the cleaning...

That occupied a lot of our time but we are now at the point where I can steal away to start the crafts that I have planned. MUAHAHA - so, my apologies for my digression as I get all house, house, house on you, but I thought I would share today's little project!

This is my bathroom door (aren't those windows at the top cool!?):

I don't quite know whose idea it was to install a door with a window on the bathroom, but I made the most of it. I found an awesome idea on the Design Sponge website, and decided to give it a go - making it look like the windows were etched (when in reality, it's simply frosted mactac, a paint marker and a little creativity!). Here's a close up (and I apologize for the bad photos - I haven't unpacked the cord to my camera yet, so these were taken on my phone):

That's all for now - stay tuned!



I did NOT do this glorious book, although I wish I had!

Graphic designer Lauren Kaiser is the brain behind this amazing take on your typical picture book. Instead of using standard fairy tale imagery, she used type to convey the emotion of this tale. I found this tale over at Type Theory and, wow.. am I ever glad I found them. I thought it would be nice to share a little tidbit with you since I've so been on the absentee side, and that is a blogging no no!

Thinking about it, what a brilliant idea this book is... it would help with kids reading outloud, learning to emphasize the big words to make the story come to life. Or, if the type is a little hard for them to read, at least the parents can get a kick out of it! 

Ooooooh. Scary, ominous typography. Nightmarish and delectable at the same time! 

I may just have to keep this up my sleeve for my  next (not-so) daily design. Cheers!


Pack it up, pack it in.

Although I know I'm coming off as a complete slacker who has totally forgotten her vow to RULE THE EARTH by adding some creativity to her daily life, I truly haven't been a slacker - moving  is just taking over my life as I know it.

But every time I write the room on a box for packing, I try to make it pretty. And sometimes I add things that I think might be humourous to those lovelies that are helping us with the move. Like "Box 'o Booze - Precious Cargo" or "Living Room, yo". (I may find myself more funny than I am. Whatever.) Also "What are you doing reading this box? Get to work!". That's what I wrote on the Ringbolt wine box (we got all our boxes from the liquor store. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE THE INSERTS {three people told us that} they're pretty) box.. where I also wrote Ring (Patti Likes) Bold (Ryan likes)... and, let's just say I'm going LOOPY with all this packing business!!!

So, bear with me please - I am going to be scannerless as soon as that badboy makes it into a box... I will return and get back to the challenges!

Wish me luck (and if I don't return in 3 weeks, I'm buried under a box somewhere, and leave this blog to my brother, Tim)!



I adore typography. Adore. So, as a combined effort of today and yesterday, I decided to design a font. It's called circuitboard because it reminds me of the inside of a computer. Pretty as it is. The intended purpose of this font would be for each letter to be used as a drop cap. You could write about computers!

Getting ready for the move. Two weeks from yesterday! Purging, purging, garbage, garbage. Spent the entire day running around yesterday for some crafty items, to come back with only a couple shower curtains. Seems like the crafts may not happen till we're all moved in. Something tells me we have our work cut out for us!


Case of the Sickies

Obviously, my last design challenge didn't exactly turn out as I had planned.. my last week kind of went by in a haze. Between the cold medication and the congestion in my head, it was like a crazy mental block! So, I went to a cartoon doctor, and the official diagnosis is in - I had booger brain!

So, sorry for the lack of posts; life has been a crazy whirlwind, and this booger brain really took me out of the game. I am going to put in loads of effort to get back on track, because I miss my design challenges!

Next week, we're watching theGuy's parents house, so I may not be at the computer much, but I'll see what I can do!



I am such a slacker this week. Okay, wait. That's not entirely true. I haven't been a slacker, I've just been very, very, very busy, and also battling a cold. So, you see, the whole combination doesn't really go together very well. At all.

And, if you're feeling sad that you haven't seen any daily design challenges worth seeing this week, check out these gems of awesome! Best daily design portfolio I've seen so far! So, if you're looking for inspiration, that's the place to go - and maybe it'll inspire me right out of this rut I've been in!

Looking forward to getting some time to create this weekend. Moving day is two weeks and two days away.. and holy work, batman. We'll be hard at it, for sure!



This is my brain on drugs.

When I'm sick, I'm a big baby.

And between all the running around I've been doing, seeing so many fun people I don't get to see nearly enough, I got like 2,409,890 colds all at once. And so, to combat the ridiculous sniffles, I have turned to the dreaded cold medication. Which means I've been on vibrate since Saturday.

So, I've been slacking on my design challenges, sleeping, and my taxes, all in the name of trying to get better. Tonight, I finally had the energy to sit down and design something; I even had an idea! But it just wasn't happening. Stay tuned!


Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun

I think that the weather was trying to prove me wrong today. After my snow blower design, today was the most beautiful day we've had in a while! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and I had the most lovely walk home I've had in a while. It's so nice to see the sun shining later into the evening. I am imagining myself spending summer evenings sitting on our new patio, sipping a summer tea, soaking in the sun. Ooh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun, Please shine down on me!

Ode Canada

Since my posts seem to have some Canadian flavour (Olympic fever!) I thought I'd share a couple amazingly awesome videos that pay tribute to this great country!


Shane Koyczan Talksreallyfastandwhathesaysisawesome

Enjoy! :)


Snow Day.

On the weekend, theGuy had to borrow his step dad's snow blower so that we could clear our driveway, because it was almost impossible to get in or out. While watching him carrying out the hard labour (I like watching), I thought of how similar the snow blower is to a lawn motor. And then I realized that in any Canadian winter, I would likely use a snowblower more than the lawn mower.

Okay, snow. I've had enough - is it time for spring yet?

Kings of the Castle!

I'm not a sports person, but I'm all about teamwork! So, although I griped and groaned to watch the hockey game last week, that last hockey game was definitely one that got the blood rushing!

And Canada... all those gold medals..

Not only do we have heart, we have 14 gold medals, too!  It was a rocky start, Canada, but it was a great show, and congrats to team Canada for pulling it off!



Have you ever wondered how to spell the sound that you make when you stick out your tongue and sputter at someone? There has been an entire study on it - I saw it online somewhere - if I find it, I'll post it. Anyway - the title of this post is my approximate spelling of that action - I sounded it out.

Mondays - what is it about you that makes me want to just spbbbbbbt at you? Poor Monday - the most loathed day of the week - I wonder if it has a complex? 

Edit: This is not the article I read - but apparently I spelled it wrong!

Ah-HA! Found it! The Sneeze is a hilarious blog - Here's his article on that topic!


Can you say no to a dare?

Working on making this blog pretty! I wanted to come up with something to brand my blog, and this is one of the millions of sketches I came up with. I think it'll do for now. What do you think?

Home Sweet Home

Very exciting news has hit theGuy and I this week - we're moving! I am so very excited and keep thinking of all these crafts that I can do in the house! There is an amazing website that has so many diy projects that I can't wait to take on, it's called Design Sponge and you should really check it out.

So, moving day will be April 1st - there might be a lull in activity around then (not unlike lately!), but hopefully I will be able to do a ton of creative projects and post them on here to share! Whee! I am so excited for my new studio - hopefully it will be inspiration headquarters!

So - step one - I am on the hunt for old school ornamental frames. They can be hideously ugly, plastic, glass-less, housing a painting of a seagull, whatever - but I would like as many as possible - so keep your eyes peeled, people. If you see a stash somewhere, please let me know! I can't wait for my first project!



Because it seems a little silly that I keep writing "All elements were hand-drawn by me", and not including them on all of the illustrations and designs that have been completely rendered by me - for future reference, all elements were created by me - unless otherwise stated. In the designs to this point, the "Oh Brother" design, my portfolio link and "eat it", I think are the only ones that have not been completely rendered by me. So there. Saves time!

Going to see k-os tonight, and super excited; but it's a late show so I may not get a chance to design today - although I'm sure that show will leave me inspired!

Happy Tuesday-that-feels-like-Monday!


A quote by Milton Glaser, the creator of the I Love NY logo. I'm not sure the last time a quote rang this true with me, but wowza. TheGuy and I were sitting in Chapters, perusing our favourite sections, and while skimming through a book on Typography - there it was - the quote of all quotes!

I'm not sure if it's because my first year of college was done completely by hand, or whether it's because these daily design challenges have brought me back to my sketchbook like never before, but it's true! Little imperfections that are created on paper make things more perfect, more human, and more real. And it's something that can't happen by accident on the computer. :)

All elements rendered by me.



Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Hope you enjoy today's little design!
Now! Off I go for some lovely time with theGuy! Hope your V-Day is awesome!


Shake it like a Polaroid picture..

Thursday was my lovely friend, Jakey's Birthday. He turned 27! TheGuy and I celebrated his birthday with him yesterday, and I was struck again by a) how long we've been friends, b) how comfortable and nice it is to be friends with him and c) how much it would suck to be ALLERGIC TO ALCOHOL - seriously - the birthday boy had 2 1/2 drinks and was sick as a dog. Not a happy moment for him! Poor Jakey!

Anyway - Jake is a designer who has such a different way of looking at things! He is able to see beauty in old things, he has an eclectic sense of humour and loves things that are a little rough around the edges. His work is always a little kooky - in a good way. I wanted to do something a little modern, but a little imperfect to honour his special day! A polaroid popped into my head - how beautifully ugly are polaroid photos? The hues, odd exposures and perfect frame make the polaroid an iconic visual that I thought would speak to Jakey!

Happy birthday, Jakey!

All elements were created by me!


Having a ball!

TheGuy: What're you doing?
Me: Thinking of what to do for my design challenge.
TheGuy: Here, draw this.
Me: Ok!

And that is the story of today's daily design (although there is a much longer, more involved story to the rubber band ball itself.. another time).

All elements were hand-drawn by me

Logo landscape

I didn't get a chance to scan and upload my design challenge from yesterday - but it's coming!

Instead, I am happy to share with you the latest logo design I created at work, for a lovely landscaping company. This company specializes in concrete work, gardening/landscaping and water features. They like to look at things differently and offer unique solutions that many other landscapers don't offer- hence "inspired".

I've included some conceptual work here, as well (there were at least 50 concepts - but most are pretty rough) to show you some of the ones that didn't make the cut.

Being creative for a job is fun!


Case of the blahs

A typical Monday in February.

Today's challenge is pretty self explanatory (hint - that's me)


Coming Clean

Life has been busy, and, although I have been creative at work, I just have not been able to set time aside for my design challenges since Tuesday! 

So, I thought I'd share a little secret of my racy life with everyone - and share the domestic bliss that is date night with theGuy and I. 

For real. Friday night, the coveted night of the much anticipated weekend, was spent doing laundry. We are hardcore, people!

But I think this may be the truth behind more people's lives than would care to admit. At least, this is what I tell myself!

All elements were hand-drawn by me.



I was a little stumped today, not sure what I was going to do for my daily challenge. I was staring off into space when DING, this idea floated by and I caught it! 

Ah, February. We're two days in (what happened to January?) and the ground hogs have informed us of 6 more weeks of winter. Think sunny thoughts, people. We'll get there!

On the other hand, there really is nothing like a warm bowl of soup and a hot chocolate on a cold winter night. I made the Madras Chicken Soup from Chatelaine Magazine tonight, and it was totally amazing!


Queen of Hearts

The night got away on me today, so I did this quick drawing for today's challenge - my version of the Queen of Hearts!

Since it is February, it's love, love, everywhere. And, quite frankly, as a hopeful romantic, I'm gobbling this stuff up! (Even though I know it's way more socially acceptable to be a cynic of this consumerism driven holiday)

That's just the way I roll!


Love is in the air!

Last night, two of my very favourite people got engaged. I wanted to do something special for them to celebrate the beginning of their new family!

Di, Mike and Elliot - cheers to a wonderful and bright future, filled with love, beauty, music and laughter! xoxoxoxox

All elements of this illustration were drawn by me and converted in illustrator into vector artwork)


Sew, what's new?

Tea towels. Have you ever noticed that they have a habit of walking away? Or being used for very un-teatowel like purposes? That's the drill at my house.

So, at Christmas, I was, like the domestic goddess I am, admiring my Grandma's tea towels. Someone had crocheted (or knitted - what's the dif - I don't know) edges on her tea towels so they hooked around handles and, with a button, secured themselves there.

Although a button requires pre-school dexterity, I thought this was a genius solution to the missing tea towel epidemic at my house. (Although, to be perfectly honest, theGuy is pretty good at leaving them alone.) I made a comment to my lovely Aunt, who said that she was the one who crocheted this marvel of modern(?) technology. I expressed my enthusiasm.

TheGuy and I came home the other day to a package from my Aunt. Inside were four of tea towels she had crocheted just for us! And let me tell you - they haven't left the oven handle since!

So this was a Thank You to my Aunt Ninny. I wish that it had scanned better - it looks so much more awesome in my sketchbook! But what're you going to do!? 



Comfort Food

Two nights of asian food - two nights of wonton soup. Yes, overkill on the All-You-Can-Eat front, but there's something special about sharing conversations over a good meal.  

Becky, you make my wonton soup smile at me!