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Okay. So, I pretty much rule in the whole suck-at-keeping up a blog realm of the earth. This house business has kept me busy, and between birthdays and all the other little things I've been doing, life has been busy. See that? So extremely busy that busy is italicized.

Anyway. Excuses, excuses. I have been busily crafting, which has been wonderful - but I should be documenting my results here. And, to be quite honest, I miss my daily design challenges. They were fun and whimsical and made me happy.

But! The house is much more set up now, and so I will be able to start using my studio,my drafting table that's been stored away for so long... I'm excited. The studio has been such a fun project for me! I am now in love with spray paint - got some old frames, scuffed them up, and had a lesson from theGuy, who is the king of finishing (let's be honest here.. he kind of.. erm.. saved the day and made them what they are) and printed and framed some of my daily designs. But my favourite thing of all is that I finally busted out the lovely sewing machine I got from my mom for Christmas in 2008 and made this curtain:

It's felt. I cut those circles out and sewed them together! I can't take credit for the concept; Design Sponge had a lovely tutorial and I just gobbled it up! Happy Days! I now have a sweet little curtain on the door to the balcony off my studio, and I love it.

Keep checking in. I have a few projects I'm excited to share with you, but I have to wait until they are officially released to the public before posting them. Stay tuned! Happy Friday!

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