Yulia Brodskaya, from Russia, has created these beautiful paper illustrations. We did some paper folding and cutting projects in first year (college - design) but it certainly didn't get to this level. I love her work, it's beautiful - and showcases wonderfully how amazing paper can be as a medium. It makes me want to bust out my french curve and assorted exactos, rubber cement and cutting mat and start experimenting again. The delicate way she handles the sculptures is nearly impossible.. and no other effect can come close to mimicking the look of these beautiful pieces.

Also - I realize it's been ten thousand years since I last posted. Christmas crazyness has forced itself upon me. I love Christmas like crazy, but man, am I ever a ball of nerves when it's on its way! I have countless hours of shopping still to do - and all the while doing the Christmas obligatory parties, etc., trying to fit in friends, phone calls and sleep - not to mention Ryan!

I have noticed that there is a LOT of really awesome packaging out there this Christmas.. to the point where you don't even want to wrap some of them (in fact, we're not going to). And recycled material is big in a lot of the packaging - LUSH cosmetics and bath products, for example, use recycled paper and boxes for all their bath supplies. It's pretty cool! Anyway - I'm in the market for a new cellphone - hopefully with a crappy webcam - so then I can take shots of the pretty things I see - which will remind me to post them, or at least remember them for myself!

Anywho - hope your Christmas is awesome and Merry. Take a break for a cuppa tea - it helps me sooth my frazzled nerves! Like a hug from the inside!


Good morning Vietnam.

Umm. How effing cool are these radio hosts' business cards? I think I just peed a little.

There is something to be said about a die-line. That's for sure. And he was able to use less than four colours, (it appears, anyway) for this print run - which means that this was likely less than a standard 4 colour run. Likely is the key word here. I don't really know the details. Either way - this is the stuff that makes me go WOOHOOO!

Strong, Good, Alive, Calm

Another pretty thing, spotted at thedieline.com - Deluxe Honeydrop by Pearlfisher New York. Deluxe Honeydrop is a 100% organic flavoured water made up of "deluxe" fruit juices, and a drop of honey.

I like how fresh and clean these packages are (my personal fave) - they'd really merchandise well on a shelf - blocking entire shelves with a bold black line - featuring "positive" little bees - and a rainbow of colour below. I give these an a+ for shelf appeal, and for the clean design. Really - isn't that what organic is about? Clean - pure - fresh products? So, I dig these packages as a fresh alternative to the burlap/aged paper designs that float about in the Organix section of my supermarket!

Sorry the posts have been few and far between. There is something about the Christmas Rush that really scrambles my eggs! But excitement excitement! Ryan got a new car yesterday (woohoo), so we have Christmas-Crazyness transportation now. Hello!!!


Water Bottles that aren't related to Satan.

Paper Water Bottles!!!!!
brandimage is a "global brand strategy and design firm that offers holistic services to deliver rich brand experiences."

And how rich are these?

With shipping containers made of ecoboard, 6 packs made of entirely recycled materials - and an easy to use design - these puppies are truly innovative! Fully recyclable, made from 100% renewable resources, and made from food-safe materials - the "bottles" can hold all "liquid catagories". It's nuts to me, but I'm so glad someone thought of it! This eco-trend may be working in out favour - these green designs are popping up more and more frequently. But if you ask me, this one takes the cake.

The only thing that concerns me - one thing that gives me the willies is the feeling of cardboard with wet hands. I wonder howit would feel to take a swig from one of these?

I'm going to have to try and get my hands on one!

Thanks to The Dieline as usual - for putting these out there!


How fun would that be!?

Recalling the days where designs were all carried out by hand (yeah - even I know that - I may be young - but I did have to do everything by hand in 1st year - but seriously - thank god for "apple z" - sometimes I wish I could just apple z those random moments I wish didn't happen!) Adobe has created this gem of an ad.

How creatively fun, satisfying and right on the mark this is. Hilarious. And it really must have been a blast to create!



I have to share with you the lovely work of my friend, Wendy.. Her work can be found at her blog Whimsy. She's an amazingly talented local artist - she does a little of it all - illustrations, paintings, digital art. Wendy has a style that is reminiscent (to me) of the 1960's art that had characters with such big eyes. Love it. She maintains a unique style - while playing on the art of the past.

I hope I get to work one day.

But seriously, check it out. Her writing style is awesome, too. Very entertaining!


c'est la vie

Again, found on the dieline these LE Orangina bottles were designed by Yuri Majic. He designed them around the "C'est la vie" ideal - using (everyone's FAVOURITE artist) Alanis Morisette's Ironic. I'm not such a fan of Alanis these days - but I have to say - the execution of type, using the orange juice colour as a backdrop to the colours and icons - and using "C'est la vie" instead of "Ironic" even, speaks to me. It's a bright, bold and whimsical package - fun and wonderful. Just like orange juice!

On another note - wow Fridays are awesome. It's about time it got here!



If this necklace doesn't SCREAM flair to you, you obviously don't know the meaning of the word. In sharing the lovely Etsy Website with a friend, she showed me creationtwinne's Etsy pieces. I think I'm dying.
They're so lovely - she makes gorgeous pieces, that truly are wearable art!

Quoted from her Shop Page:

"Dare to be You , Dare to be Unique

Creation Twinne Jewelry is a mixte of:

An excess of folly
A wave of creativity
And 3 cups of patience.

Let me create for you an exclusive piece of art that will reflect who you are."

I'm loving it!


ME Sing Songs

Work has not allowed me a lot of creative opportunities lately - word processing, dealing with site details, etc. but luckily I have some very ambitious friends who will allow me to flex my creative muscles.

So - personal work, here we are- presenting ME Sing Songs Logo!

Hope you like it! It's nice to do creative things! I miss it. :)


Letter be warm

Oh wow.
I'm basically sitting here drooling at how cool these scarves are.
And basically how I don't know how I'm going to survive without one.
I love Veer but do they really have to sell these amazingly fantastical things for 58 bucks? As much as I'm dying because they aren't mine - I still can't rationalize spending that much on a (beautiful) scarf with holes in it.
But maybe you can do more than window shop. Check 'em out!

Isn't it lovely that there's enough of a market for beauties like this to be created?

Died and gone to heaven

Sourced from thedieline.com, another source of inspiration. Flowerbomb is the name of this fragrence by Victor & Rolf.

"Viktor & Rolf's debut fragrance in undeniably V&R. The Dutch duo is known for their eccentric and innovative design aesthetic when it comes to their fashions." - thedieline.com

Have you looked closely? It's a hand grenade.
What a beautiful concept - combining something beautiful and fresh with something deadly and violent. And it works. I'm in love with the colours, everything.

Hope you like it too!


Some horror on hump day!

Joshua Hoffine is a photographer, who has created this series of really freaky photos! They're based on children's fears and wow.. they are sooo terrifyingly terrific.. he did a great job. The lighting, everything is perfect. Don't show these to the kiddies - there'll be nightmares for weeks!
Since I'm having a little postpartum with the passing of Hallowe'en - thought this would be the perfect entry. You REALLY have to check out his portfolio - they're so awesome!
Joshua Hoffine's Page


Pack on the Pounds....

Pound Cake packaging by Williams-Sonoma.
I think I just peed.


Joy of Java

A Senior Thesis by Talia Cohen, the numbers represent the flavours.

I think it's fabulous.

On another note. Hallowe'en is SOOOON. Yay!



Wow. Brilliance is the only word that can truly describe the genius of this packaging. Not only is it beautiful packaging, but the idea of keeping it entirely eco-friendly is truly innovative. Thinking outside of the box! Packaging can be dual-purposed - and not just more paper and plastic to go into our landfills.

For those that don't want to click on the second image to read what it says - basically, the box that this is packaged in can be removed, soaked in water, and planted - there are seeds in the biodegradable material that makes the package! Woohoo!

In this "Green is the new Black" trend, where labelling things "Green" means higher selling points - it's nice to see someone actually translate this into something planet friendly!

Once again, packaging that makes the world prettier.



Orange You Lucky?

Getting ready for Hallowe'en. I'm pretty pumped about it this year - hosting a party and all that jazz. If only I had $10,000. I would have the best Haunted House ever! Maybe I should become a party planner. For those Sweet 16 types. Hmm...

Anyway - this Hallowe'en image is from a new illustrator who I am adoring - she has a great blog with lots of awesome illustrations. Makes me happy. Her blog is called Orange You Lucky and she designs all kinds of patterns and greeting cards. Oh the lovely world of greeting card designs. I hear you calling me!

So.. what are YOU being for Hallowe'en?


Chemistry Cuisine

Another wonderful concept from Wildly Delicious - what a neat way to package spices and all that fun stuff? It's not just spices, it's interior decor! I love it!

Ahh.. to work on fun stuff like that...

Wildly Delicious!

While enjoying the terrific weather this weekend for Thanksgiving, I was up North with RyGuy doing the cottage-closing thing. We checked out Bearfoot Gourmet (that's an article about the place, with address, etc. as a link), a small local store that specializes in gourmet housewares. They had all sorts of neat things, a turkey baster where the baster is a turkey, for example. I spied a lot of the Wildly Delicious line - and what gorgeous packaging they have! Wowza! They had a bunch of different items that would be super as gifts, and I wouldn't want to wrap them. Above are two samples, and really, you're going to have to go into a specialty store to see them for yourself, as these shots just don't even begin to do them justice.

These packages have been well thought out and work great for several different products in the line - the little details, like spot varnishes, great stock, etc. make the packages drool worthy!

Love, love, love 'em! To be honest, I was tempted to buy them, if only for the box they are sold in!

Make-up Madness

As found on thedieline.com, a new NYC studio called united* dsn created the branding for cosmetic company "Me by Mezhgan".

I think it's lovely. As cosmetic packaging is one of my loves, seeing something this beautifully executed is marvelous. The colours, the feminine pattern, and simple execution of a detailed pattern creates a very appealing, and current looking package. The package gives it a boutique specialty feeling - which is exactly right to represent the product - as quoted from thedieline.com:

"mezhgan hussainy is one of hollywoods top make-up artists working with the biggest names in the business and the hottest shows, such as american idol and america’s got talent. mezhgan partnered with united* in 2007 to realize her vision of bringing the glamour of hollywood to every women."

Gorgeous. There are more photos to see at thedieline. Check 'em out.

Hope you like!


Love! Joy!

Designer vodka?

From the Integrity Spirits line, vodka packaging that differs, although the contents stay the same. Another lovely accessory to that perfect outfit!

Quoted from their website:

"Lovejoy Vodka is our way of paying homage to the Great Clear One. Lovejoy Vodka is hand-crafted in small batches with compulsive care and affection, giving it a smooth quality with a unique character and flavor.

But Lovejoy Vodka also gets its character from its distinct labels. Lovejoy Vodka comes in four different designs, so you can choose the one that fits your mood. Same vodka, just different labels. You’ll even see new labels over time as we add new designs to the family."



I love Typography

Found this masterpiece on I love Typography [dot] com.
Love it - this is right up my alley!


My Little Pony

AWESOME illustrations by Mentecatas on the Behance Network.

Check 'em out


I saw this on Swiss Miss's Blog first - but straight from Post Secret - this one's a charmer!

Love! xo

Gum Fun

I'm sure everyone's seen this package by now - but I love it and love it and love it, so I want to rant about the awesome packaging!

Now - this photo doesn't really do the package justice, because in real life, the blue has more cyan in it and that makes it really pop. But this will do.

This package has a unique die line, uses only two colours, spot varnish and embossing. That's what I've found at this point, anyway. It really is designer gum. Which is awesome for me, because I always seem to chomping away at gum! The package really stands out in the retail environment, which is great for merchandising. There are three flavours - of which I've tried two - and not only are we looking at an awesome package, but the product is amazing, too! When the three of them are merchandised correctly, they really pop - creating an impulse buy for me on more than one occasion.

Anyway - I'm loving this package - the garish package of flashes and sunbursts, wrapped up with a glossy finish will hopefully be a thing of the past. I wish more companies would realize how important it is to brand and package their product in fresh and innovative ways - packaging art like this need not be only for high end products - and am I ever glad! The success of this package is notable; when I googled "Cobalt 5" there were tons of blogs and pages raving about it - a new gum that has a buzz - this is an impressive feat! The reviews are positive - ranging from taste to look - and since I strongly agree with all of it - I'm hopping on that bandwagon!

Hoping for a prettier world - one package at a time!




Check out The Dieline.com's new facelift.
Lookin' good!

On another note - I grind my teeth at night. Who knew!?

How to be a good client

From the good people at Number 17 - as already posted on my facebook.

'nuff said.


This strikes my fancy!

I love Veeer . Being on their mailing list has ensured me many awesome things - from the graphic designer handbook to fun little puzzle books, and on and on. They have a lot of different merch that Iwantsobad, but this cordoroy messenger bag calls out to me. Pattttii, you know you wannnnt me.
Anyway - pretty awesome, this bag. It's called "fancy", because that's the name of the font that "fancy" is written in. Fun! And the inside pattern.. oh delicious!

You can read about it here but I think the pictures are likely enough - and really.. this post was probably pretty boring!



Artistic Absinthe

Check out this gorgeous packaging! I'm in love with the way they have used the swirly botanical look - which is very trendy right now - without making it look too trendy. I think this will have a nice long shelf life because this is one of those times where the application suits the apothecary vibe perfectly. I love it.

This is quoted directly from the Dieline.com:

"Trillium Absinthe is one of the first legally produced absinthes in the United States. Its from Integrity Spirits in Portland Oregon and was designed by ID Branding, .......

"The bottle has a distinct shape that communicates the elegance and ritual of absinthe. The botanicals used to make the absinthe are represented on the outside of the bottle in the label design. The bottle itself, is sealed with a wax cap. The layers of the design echo the complexity of the absinthe within." -Jared Milam, Principal Designer - ID Branding"


Best of Craigslist - An Apology to the Girl in the Parking garage

This is a great way to spend a couple minutes.. isn't if funny how we allow ourselves to get so worked up?


Miss you like crazy!

Because it seems that the most amazing people are too big for this town, a lot of my favourites have moved away, and I'm missing them all like crazy.

So here's to them, with a little letterpress card that can be found on Etsy HERE. Lalalalaletterpress!

Miss you guys!!!

ryanainsleykatietimmychristadadkristiaprillukejoanne EVERYONE


Just my type...

I found an awesome resource for typographic inspiration! This flickr groupfeatures an avalanche of typography - which is all user submitted! Right up my alley. Oh man, do I wish I had time to summon my inner Marian Bantjes and get hand lettering. Maybe some other time. In the meantime.. fun fun fun!

Chris Piascik is the wonderfully talented artist who did the work above. Nice job!

That's all for now!


I pretty much can't handle...

How much I love this, and want it to be mine!
TastySuite at Esty has created this wall decal.

Loveeee it.

Designers are meant to be loved..

Harmonie Interieure out of France has these fabulous posters! This needed to be shared!

I wonder if they have a store. I should send my mom in to check it out. I neeeed this poster!

Duffy & Partners

Duffy & Partners is a new firm I've just heard about via Graphic-ExchanGE. I'm super impressed with this branding for Thymes. I also just found that they are responsible for that Knobb Creek bottle I love so much. I think there will be more of them to share later, but for now - hopefully this will be as good for you as it was for me!