Artistic Absinthe

Check out this gorgeous packaging! I'm in love with the way they have used the swirly botanical look - which is very trendy right now - without making it look too trendy. I think this will have a nice long shelf life because this is one of those times where the application suits the apothecary vibe perfectly. I love it.

This is quoted directly from the Dieline.com:

"Trillium Absinthe is one of the first legally produced absinthes in the United States. Its from Integrity Spirits in Portland Oregon and was designed by ID Branding, .......

"The bottle has a distinct shape that communicates the elegance and ritual of absinthe. The botanicals used to make the absinthe are represented on the outside of the bottle in the label design. The bottle itself, is sealed with a wax cap. The layers of the design echo the complexity of the absinthe within." -Jared Milam, Principal Designer - ID Branding"

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  1. Damn! I was momentarily excited that you had found a bottle of absinthe for sale HERE!!! But alas...it isn't so.


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