Pack on the Pounds....

Pound Cake packaging by Williams-Sonoma.
I think I just peed.


Joy of Java

A Senior Thesis by Talia Cohen, the numbers represent the flavours.

I think it's fabulous.

On another note. Hallowe'en is SOOOON. Yay!



Wow. Brilliance is the only word that can truly describe the genius of this packaging. Not only is it beautiful packaging, but the idea of keeping it entirely eco-friendly is truly innovative. Thinking outside of the box! Packaging can be dual-purposed - and not just more paper and plastic to go into our landfills.

For those that don't want to click on the second image to read what it says - basically, the box that this is packaged in can be removed, soaked in water, and planted - there are seeds in the biodegradable material that makes the package! Woohoo!

In this "Green is the new Black" trend, where labelling things "Green" means higher selling points - it's nice to see someone actually translate this into something planet friendly!

Once again, packaging that makes the world prettier.



Orange You Lucky?

Getting ready for Hallowe'en. I'm pretty pumped about it this year - hosting a party and all that jazz. If only I had $10,000. I would have the best Haunted House ever! Maybe I should become a party planner. For those Sweet 16 types. Hmm...

Anyway - this Hallowe'en image is from a new illustrator who I am adoring - she has a great blog with lots of awesome illustrations. Makes me happy. Her blog is called Orange You Lucky and she designs all kinds of patterns and greeting cards. Oh the lovely world of greeting card designs. I hear you calling me!

So.. what are YOU being for Hallowe'en?


Chemistry Cuisine

Another wonderful concept from Wildly Delicious - what a neat way to package spices and all that fun stuff? It's not just spices, it's interior decor! I love it!

Ahh.. to work on fun stuff like that...

Wildly Delicious!

While enjoying the terrific weather this weekend for Thanksgiving, I was up North with RyGuy doing the cottage-closing thing. We checked out Bearfoot Gourmet (that's an article about the place, with address, etc. as a link), a small local store that specializes in gourmet housewares. They had all sorts of neat things, a turkey baster where the baster is a turkey, for example. I spied a lot of the Wildly Delicious line - and what gorgeous packaging they have! Wowza! They had a bunch of different items that would be super as gifts, and I wouldn't want to wrap them. Above are two samples, and really, you're going to have to go into a specialty store to see them for yourself, as these shots just don't even begin to do them justice.

These packages have been well thought out and work great for several different products in the line - the little details, like spot varnishes, great stock, etc. make the packages drool worthy!

Love, love, love 'em! To be honest, I was tempted to buy them, if only for the box they are sold in!

Make-up Madness

As found on thedieline.com, a new NYC studio called united* dsn created the branding for cosmetic company "Me by Mezhgan".

I think it's lovely. As cosmetic packaging is one of my loves, seeing something this beautifully executed is marvelous. The colours, the feminine pattern, and simple execution of a detailed pattern creates a very appealing, and current looking package. The package gives it a boutique specialty feeling - which is exactly right to represent the product - as quoted from thedieline.com:

"mezhgan hussainy is one of hollywoods top make-up artists working with the biggest names in the business and the hottest shows, such as american idol and america’s got talent. mezhgan partnered with united* in 2007 to realize her vision of bringing the glamour of hollywood to every women."

Gorgeous. There are more photos to see at thedieline. Check 'em out.

Hope you like!


Love! Joy!

Designer vodka?

From the Integrity Spirits line, vodka packaging that differs, although the contents stay the same. Another lovely accessory to that perfect outfit!

Quoted from their website:

"Lovejoy Vodka is our way of paying homage to the Great Clear One. Lovejoy Vodka is hand-crafted in small batches with compulsive care and affection, giving it a smooth quality with a unique character and flavor.

But Lovejoy Vodka also gets its character from its distinct labels. Lovejoy Vodka comes in four different designs, so you can choose the one that fits your mood. Same vodka, just different labels. You’ll even see new labels over time as we add new designs to the family."



I love Typography

Found this masterpiece on I love Typography [dot] com.
Love it - this is right up my alley!


My Little Pony

AWESOME illustrations by Mentecatas on the Behance Network.

Check 'em out


I saw this on Swiss Miss's Blog first - but straight from Post Secret - this one's a charmer!

Love! xo

Gum Fun

I'm sure everyone's seen this package by now - but I love it and love it and love it, so I want to rant about the awesome packaging!

Now - this photo doesn't really do the package justice, because in real life, the blue has more cyan in it and that makes it really pop. But this will do.

This package has a unique die line, uses only two colours, spot varnish and embossing. That's what I've found at this point, anyway. It really is designer gum. Which is awesome for me, because I always seem to chomping away at gum! The package really stands out in the retail environment, which is great for merchandising. There are three flavours - of which I've tried two - and not only are we looking at an awesome package, but the product is amazing, too! When the three of them are merchandised correctly, they really pop - creating an impulse buy for me on more than one occasion.

Anyway - I'm loving this package - the garish package of flashes and sunbursts, wrapped up with a glossy finish will hopefully be a thing of the past. I wish more companies would realize how important it is to brand and package their product in fresh and innovative ways - packaging art like this need not be only for high end products - and am I ever glad! The success of this package is notable; when I googled "Cobalt 5" there were tons of blogs and pages raving about it - a new gum that has a buzz - this is an impressive feat! The reviews are positive - ranging from taste to look - and since I strongly agree with all of it - I'm hopping on that bandwagon!

Hoping for a prettier world - one package at a time!