Can you say no to adair?

So, I'm really making an effort here, people. Really trying to get into the blogging groove again. So I thought I'd share something that I did for my brother earlier this month - or maybe it was last month.

He decided that he was going to run for co-president of his highschool (in the name of being politically correct, there's no head girl / head boy anymore. It's co-prez). He really liked that my blog is called 'Can you say no to Adair' and he wanted to use that as his catch phrase for his highschool. So, that part was done. It was just making it a little fun and wacky for the highschool students to gobble up.

So there it is. I used the graphic from my blog because that was easy peasie. And there's good ol' Tim on the front. The best part? He won. He will now get to spend his last year of highschool as top dawg. woof woof, Tim. Congrats.


Back to it!

Well, I've been a pretty crummy blogger for the last few months. Moving has just inspired me in different ways and, let's face it - this weather just begs a person to stay outside and soak in the sunshine.

That being said, I've been newly inspired by this whole Zazzle business. The idea of having my work printed on tees, notecards, etc. is just too exciting for words. So, I've gotten my mojo back. More ideas that I can create at the moment, which is super, super awesome! So I've got two goodies to share with you today, as a way to be all like "yo, I'm back - please keep checking this pathetic excuse for a blog". I hope that you enjoy them.

The first is all abut a little song that all-to-often gets stuck in my head. Maybe you'll like it (it'd make a conversation piece of a tee, wouldn't it? (sorry about the linking to the goods.. I'd just like to sell some stuff, but feel free to ignore!)

The second is a big 'holla' to all those lovely moms out there who have, are going to, or are, popping little human beings out while being gorgeous femme fatales at the same time.  

Stay tuned, there's more up here in this wackadoodle brain of mine!


the hem of your garment...

Get it as a t-shirt!

I think this might be the beginning of an addiction!


Bill Cosby would be proud.

Strange where inspiration can come from. That was a whole lot of weird and oddness - thought I was going crazy. Our web programmer just calmly said "oh, it's an earthquake" and hasn't said anything since.

Ack. 2012 is getting closer....