Can you say no to adair?

So, I'm really making an effort here, people. Really trying to get into the blogging groove again. So I thought I'd share something that I did for my brother earlier this month - or maybe it was last month.

He decided that he was going to run for co-president of his highschool (in the name of being politically correct, there's no head girl / head boy anymore. It's co-prez). He really liked that my blog is called 'Can you say no to Adair' and he wanted to use that as his catch phrase for his highschool. So, that part was done. It was just making it a little fun and wacky for the highschool students to gobble up.

So there it is. I used the graphic from my blog because that was easy peasie. And there's good ol' Tim on the front. The best part? He won. He will now get to spend his last year of highschool as top dawg. woof woof, Tim. Congrats.

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