Water Bottles that aren't related to Satan.

Paper Water Bottles!!!!!
brandimage is a "global brand strategy and design firm that offers holistic services to deliver rich brand experiences."

And how rich are these?

With shipping containers made of ecoboard, 6 packs made of entirely recycled materials - and an easy to use design - these puppies are truly innovative! Fully recyclable, made from 100% renewable resources, and made from food-safe materials - the "bottles" can hold all "liquid catagories". It's nuts to me, but I'm so glad someone thought of it! This eco-trend may be working in out favour - these green designs are popping up more and more frequently. But if you ask me, this one takes the cake.

The only thing that concerns me - one thing that gives me the willies is the feeling of cardboard with wet hands. I wonder howit would feel to take a swig from one of these?

I'm going to have to try and get my hands on one!

Thanks to The Dieline as usual - for putting these out there!


How fun would that be!?

Recalling the days where designs were all carried out by hand (yeah - even I know that - I may be young - but I did have to do everything by hand in 1st year - but seriously - thank god for "apple z" - sometimes I wish I could just apple z those random moments I wish didn't happen!) Adobe has created this gem of an ad.

How creatively fun, satisfying and right on the mark this is. Hilarious. And it really must have been a blast to create!



I have to share with you the lovely work of my friend, Wendy.. Her work can be found at her blog Whimsy. She's an amazingly talented local artist - she does a little of it all - illustrations, paintings, digital art. Wendy has a style that is reminiscent (to me) of the 1960's art that had characters with such big eyes. Love it. She maintains a unique style - while playing on the art of the past.

I hope I get to work one day.

But seriously, check it out. Her writing style is awesome, too. Very entertaining!


c'est la vie

Again, found on the dieline these LE Orangina bottles were designed by Yuri Majic. He designed them around the "C'est la vie" ideal - using (everyone's FAVOURITE artist) Alanis Morisette's Ironic. I'm not such a fan of Alanis these days - but I have to say - the execution of type, using the orange juice colour as a backdrop to the colours and icons - and using "C'est la vie" instead of "Ironic" even, speaks to me. It's a bright, bold and whimsical package - fun and wonderful. Just like orange juice!

On another note - wow Fridays are awesome. It's about time it got here!



If this necklace doesn't SCREAM flair to you, you obviously don't know the meaning of the word. In sharing the lovely Etsy Website with a friend, she showed me creationtwinne's Etsy pieces. I think I'm dying.
They're so lovely - she makes gorgeous pieces, that truly are wearable art!

Quoted from her Shop Page:

"Dare to be You , Dare to be Unique

Creation Twinne Jewelry is a mixte of:

An excess of folly
A wave of creativity
And 3 cups of patience.

Let me create for you an exclusive piece of art that will reflect who you are."

I'm loving it!


ME Sing Songs

Work has not allowed me a lot of creative opportunities lately - word processing, dealing with site details, etc. but luckily I have some very ambitious friends who will allow me to flex my creative muscles.

So - personal work, here we are- presenting ME Sing Songs Logo!

Hope you like it! It's nice to do creative things! I miss it. :)


Letter be warm

Oh wow.
I'm basically sitting here drooling at how cool these scarves are.
And basically how I don't know how I'm going to survive without one.
I love Veer but do they really have to sell these amazingly fantastical things for 58 bucks? As much as I'm dying because they aren't mine - I still can't rationalize spending that much on a (beautiful) scarf with holes in it.
But maybe you can do more than window shop. Check 'em out!

Isn't it lovely that there's enough of a market for beauties like this to be created?

Died and gone to heaven

Sourced from thedieline.com, another source of inspiration. Flowerbomb is the name of this fragrence by Victor & Rolf.

"Viktor & Rolf's debut fragrance in undeniably V&R. The Dutch duo is known for their eccentric and innovative design aesthetic when it comes to their fashions." - thedieline.com

Have you looked closely? It's a hand grenade.
What a beautiful concept - combining something beautiful and fresh with something deadly and violent. And it works. I'm in love with the colours, everything.

Hope you like it too!


Some horror on hump day!

Joshua Hoffine is a photographer, who has created this series of really freaky photos! They're based on children's fears and wow.. they are sooo terrifyingly terrific.. he did a great job. The lighting, everything is perfect. Don't show these to the kiddies - there'll be nightmares for weeks!
Since I'm having a little postpartum with the passing of Hallowe'en - thought this would be the perfect entry. You REALLY have to check out his portfolio - they're so awesome!
Joshua Hoffine's Page