As found on Lovely Package, this Pomegranate Wheat Beer from Toronto firm,Brand Tonic is a new (lovely) way of thinking when it comes to beer packaging!

Brand Tonic handled the whole identity - from logo to label, in the design of the whole line of beers - the most unique, of which, is this Pomegranate Wheat Beer. It has been treated in a non-traditional way, yet has an old-school vibe about it. At first, I thought, will anyone buy this? Your typical beer drinking hockey lover isn't usually exactly embracing of pretty things like this. But this beer is different, it has fruit flavour - so they're not appealing to that audience anyway, this would be for those who want a flirty drink in a beer. And this package is nothing, if not flirty!



Holy #@$#!

Hattomonkey, a firm in Russia, designed this packaging for Hot Sauce. They have a lot of REALLY awesome work (check out their blog!), I just wish I could read Russian!

Luckily for me, Lovely Package somehow got a translation, so here it is (which makes this package even better, in my opinion!)

"Hattomonkey has created a packaging design of hot sauce “Hashi” based on unique “non-censored” view. There is a huge selection of “Hashi” hot sauces: a very hot “Halapenio”, extremely hot “Habanero”, unbearable hot sauce “Cayenne pepper”, as well as wasabi and mustard. That special look #@$#! was created just as soon as we tried this hot sauce at the studio. It’s a comic stylized pack with logo consists of only symbols. So the exclamation balloon is to show an emotional wave. Designers have adopted a comic method. When it’s hard to express feelings through words they supplement text by pictures. Thereby the sauce pack content is reintroduced by shout balloon with jagged edges. Hattomonkey informal packaging design is hot and excited. This is not just a simple sauce on a store shelf, it shouts the same language you do “#@$#!”.”

I also just love the packages that they have chosen for their sauces - pretty great! Although I don't know how functional the peel-tops would be, I guess it depends on how you use it! AWESOME.


Wry Baby

What is it about anything baby turning completely normal, rational, articulate and successful adults into cooing melty pods of goo - who say "cute" way more often than necessary (reminds me of that episode of Newlyweds where it follows Jessica and her mom shopping and they do that "cute" montage. Now every time I go shopping I am SO aware of how often I say cute! Ah! But I digress!)?

I, myself, hear my voice rise in hysterical tones when around the miniature! Especially clothes! But really, some of the clothes are so cutesy and ruffled, I feel like we're all 6 again, dressing up our dolls as cute as buttons. I want a cool kid. And could anything be cooler than these Mysterio Future-Predicting Tees from Wry Baby? Pretty awesome! And, having had my fortune read by Zoltar himself last weekend, I'm feeling like Mysterio's chances of predicting the future are very high!

Awesome, clever, funny, and teeny tiny. Wicked!


From trees....

A relief print made from cross sections of actual TREES, Bryan Nash Gill is way awesome, and I want one! Except I would have no where to put it. But I do want one! How cool is this? Simple and neat? And what a story!

From your Monkey

I didn't get to my blog yesterday, but a very special RyGuy celebrated his 26th birthday yesterday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE!

I can't take credit for this image, it was drawn by Rosalind Wilson, and it's pretty cute, I think!

Anyway - after a terrific weekend with Ryan in Niagara Falls, hitting Buffalo - now it's back to work! I took some pictures of pretty packaging that I felt was blog worthy, but we'll see how long it takes before I get the photos loaded off the camera!

Anywho - Happy Birthday RyGuy - someone was totally rockin' it when they designed you :) xo


Hanker Chiefs

I got a chance to work with the wonderful Mike Erb again, and JUMPED at the opportunity! Here is the poster I designed for his Classic Country & Western band, The Hanker Chiefs using old posters for land in the states as inspiration. It was fun! I love working with Mike, it's always good times.

Creative flow = Happy Patti

Besides that, life's been hectic and busy! I've got to post a whack of posts, of all the fun things I've been seeing. As always, hop over to the dieline if you're looking for something to peruse!

Take care, chickens! Get out there and enjoy some sunshine!!!!!!