I love hand rendered typography

Today was one of those days where the filesizes I've been dealing with are massive - so I took some time while watching that blue progress bar, slowly torture me by creeping to the right at a snail's pace - to doodle. And that's something I love to do, but don't get to do very often.

So there yo go, folks - shot with my new phone - not great lighting, not great colour, not great resolution - thought I'd share what I've been up to!

Do you love hand rendered typography?


The real McCoy!

I just about flipped my lid when I saw this bourbon packaging by The Creative Method. This blog is turning quickly into a packaging fan site - what can I say - I like packaging tons and tons and tons!
And here is a gorgeous example of packaging that really works - and really creates a character for a product. The typesetting is great - current, but with some nostalgic air - especially in the distressed treatment. The wood box is great, simple, but effective. I really like the added touch of the die for the label, those rough edges really make it look like it's travelled through time. All together, it sums up (to me) a bourbon that is tried, tested and true - and a real treasure.


On a side note - I've fallen in love with the blog Petunia Faced Girl. You really should pop over and take a look. Maybe I've already tried to send you over, I don't know - but it's worth checking out FO SHO!

Also - my firm has finally gotten around to writing a bio about me for the website. When it's up, I'll have to post it. I know that my boss HAS to write good things about me because, really - we're selling ourselves, right? But it puts a smile on my face either way!

Peace out!


Breath of fresh air

After a break from posting, due to the absolute MAYHEM that is Christmas, I bring you:

I am loving patterns right now. And I am loving the rich look of these Stussy air fresheners.
I always remember Stussy as being more of a fashion line - but who knows! I like how the packaging is like that of spray paint. I think that's neat. The design itself takes it to a whole new place, it's somehow old fashioned looking - with an urban edge.

Thanks to High Snobiety for finding this first!

Also - over Christmas, I was so lucky to receive the "Designers are meant to be love not to be understood" poster that I blogged about here. I think I'm going to Plakkit - it's headed for the studio.
Thanks mom & Denis - hope your flight back to France today is quick and painless!