Water Bottles that aren't related to Satan.

Paper Water Bottles!!!!!
brandimage is a "global brand strategy and design firm that offers holistic services to deliver rich brand experiences."

And how rich are these?

With shipping containers made of ecoboard, 6 packs made of entirely recycled materials - and an easy to use design - these puppies are truly innovative! Fully recyclable, made from 100% renewable resources, and made from food-safe materials - the "bottles" can hold all "liquid catagories". It's nuts to me, but I'm so glad someone thought of it! This eco-trend may be working in out favour - these green designs are popping up more and more frequently. But if you ask me, this one takes the cake.

The only thing that concerns me - one thing that gives me the willies is the feeling of cardboard with wet hands. I wonder howit would feel to take a swig from one of these?

I'm going to have to try and get my hands on one!

Thanks to The Dieline as usual - for putting these out there!

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