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Another pretty thing, spotted at thedieline.com - Deluxe Honeydrop by Pearlfisher New York. Deluxe Honeydrop is a 100% organic flavoured water made up of "deluxe" fruit juices, and a drop of honey.

I like how fresh and clean these packages are (my personal fave) - they'd really merchandise well on a shelf - blocking entire shelves with a bold black line - featuring "positive" little bees - and a rainbow of colour below. I give these an a+ for shelf appeal, and for the clean design. Really - isn't that what organic is about? Clean - pure - fresh products? So, I dig these packages as a fresh alternative to the burlap/aged paper designs that float about in the Organix section of my supermarket!

Sorry the posts have been few and far between. There is something about the Christmas Rush that really scrambles my eggs! But excitement excitement! Ryan got a new car yesterday (woohoo), so we have Christmas-Crazyness transportation now. Hello!!!

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