Wildly Delicious!

While enjoying the terrific weather this weekend for Thanksgiving, I was up North with RyGuy doing the cottage-closing thing. We checked out Bearfoot Gourmet (that's an article about the place, with address, etc. as a link), a small local store that specializes in gourmet housewares. They had all sorts of neat things, a turkey baster where the baster is a turkey, for example. I spied a lot of the Wildly Delicious line - and what gorgeous packaging they have! Wowza! They had a bunch of different items that would be super as gifts, and I wouldn't want to wrap them. Above are two samples, and really, you're going to have to go into a specialty store to see them for yourself, as these shots just don't even begin to do them justice.

These packages have been well thought out and work great for several different products in the line - the little details, like spot varnishes, great stock, etc. make the packages drool worthy!

Love, love, love 'em! To be honest, I was tempted to buy them, if only for the box they are sold in!

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