Make-up Madness

As found on thedieline.com, a new NYC studio called united* dsn created the branding for cosmetic company "Me by Mezhgan".

I think it's lovely. As cosmetic packaging is one of my loves, seeing something this beautifully executed is marvelous. The colours, the feminine pattern, and simple execution of a detailed pattern creates a very appealing, and current looking package. The package gives it a boutique specialty feeling - which is exactly right to represent the product - as quoted from thedieline.com:

"mezhgan hussainy is one of hollywoods top make-up artists working with the biggest names in the business and the hottest shows, such as american idol and america’s got talent. mezhgan partnered with united* in 2007 to realize her vision of bringing the glamour of hollywood to every women."

Gorgeous. There are more photos to see at thedieline. Check 'em out.

Hope you like!

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