Sew, what's new?

Tea towels. Have you ever noticed that they have a habit of walking away? Or being used for very un-teatowel like purposes? That's the drill at my house.

So, at Christmas, I was, like the domestic goddess I am, admiring my Grandma's tea towels. Someone had crocheted (or knitted - what's the dif - I don't know) edges on her tea towels so they hooked around handles and, with a button, secured themselves there.

Although a button requires pre-school dexterity, I thought this was a genius solution to the missing tea towel epidemic at my house. (Although, to be perfectly honest, theGuy is pretty good at leaving them alone.) I made a comment to my lovely Aunt, who said that she was the one who crocheted this marvel of modern(?) technology. I expressed my enthusiasm.

TheGuy and I came home the other day to a package from my Aunt. Inside were four of tea towels she had crocheted just for us! And let me tell you - they haven't left the oven handle since!

So this was a Thank You to my Aunt Ninny. I wish that it had scanned better - it looks so much more awesome in my sketchbook! But what're you going to do!? 


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