Home at last

I'm baaaaack.

Although it may have seemed like I was slacking off big-time, I've actually been knee deep in moving: drywall dust, boxes, paint - working from dusk till dawn (actually, way past that, but there aren't any cliches that I can think of which will sum up exactly how hard theGuy and I have been working). There's still some unpacking to do, pictures to be hung, but the house is really starting to come together and feel like ours.

Our friends lived in this house previously, so I've been here many times. After we first moved in, it felt oddly like we were just hanging out at their house, instead of feeling like ours. So, we painted. 

And painted and painted and painted. Oh yeah, and there was this whole incident with plaster and drywall dust that still leaves my skin feeling like it has a film of dust on it. And so, the cleaning...

That occupied a lot of our time but we are now at the point where I can steal away to start the crafts that I have planned. MUAHAHA - so, my apologies for my digression as I get all house, house, house on you, but I thought I would share today's little project!

This is my bathroom door (aren't those windows at the top cool!?):

I don't quite know whose idea it was to install a door with a window on the bathroom, but I made the most of it. I found an awesome idea on the Design Sponge website, and decided to give it a go - making it look like the windows were etched (when in reality, it's simply frosted mactac, a paint marker and a little creativity!). Here's a close up (and I apologize for the bad photos - I haven't unpacked the cord to my camera yet, so these were taken on my phone):

That's all for now - stay tuned!

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