I did NOT do this glorious book, although I wish I had!

Graphic designer Lauren Kaiser is the brain behind this amazing take on your typical picture book. Instead of using standard fairy tale imagery, she used type to convey the emotion of this tale. I found this tale over at Type Theory and, wow.. am I ever glad I found them. I thought it would be nice to share a little tidbit with you since I've so been on the absentee side, and that is a blogging no no!

Thinking about it, what a brilliant idea this book is... it would help with kids reading outloud, learning to emphasize the big words to make the story come to life. Or, if the type is a little hard for them to read, at least the parents can get a kick out of it! 

Ooooooh. Scary, ominous typography. Nightmarish and delectable at the same time! 

I may just have to keep this up my sleeve for my  next (not-so) daily design. Cheers!

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