Pack it up, pack it in.

Although I know I'm coming off as a complete slacker who has totally forgotten her vow to RULE THE EARTH by adding some creativity to her daily life, I truly haven't been a slacker - moving  is just taking over my life as I know it.

But every time I write the room on a box for packing, I try to make it pretty. And sometimes I add things that I think might be humourous to those lovelies that are helping us with the move. Like "Box 'o Booze - Precious Cargo" or "Living Room, yo". (I may find myself more funny than I am. Whatever.) Also "What are you doing reading this box? Get to work!". That's what I wrote on the Ringbolt wine box (we got all our boxes from the liquor store. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE THE INSERTS {three people told us that} they're pretty) box.. where I also wrote Ring (Patti Likes) Bold (Ryan likes)... and, let's just say I'm going LOOPY with all this packing business!!!

So, bear with me please - I am going to be scannerless as soon as that badboy makes it into a box... I will return and get back to the challenges!

Wish me luck (and if I don't return in 3 weeks, I'm buried under a box somewhere, and leave this blog to my brother, Tim)!

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  1. I'm the brother, Tim. I'm don't have an ounce of artistic creativity inside me compared to Patti-Atti, I do how ever have a blog for my writing Woo. Shameless Advertisement! See you.


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