Haunted by Halloween!

Oh yeah. I have been meaning to post the logo I created for the Townhouse of Terror, which is what we branded our Hallowe'en party with, but I kept forgetting to.

Life's been busy!

So here's a low res version of the logo this year. It was a blast!

It was a great turn out, with tons of great conversations and it was a great mix of people. I think we're growing up, it was almost a cocktail party! With crazy costumes, that is. I went as a clairvoyant this year. Contacts are a riot.

My mind has been completely filled with everything social networking and beyond lately. It's incredible how much things have changed in this new digital age, and how many opportunities there are to reach out to audiences if you want to put the effort into it. My gears are turning and the creativity is flowing; I hope to have more to share with you soon!

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