Baby got back - Patti's Recap Part I

Well, I haven`t posted anything in like two years, but I have good reasons.

It's been a very busy couple years and I have so much to share! I miss putting my thoughts in cyberspace. So I'm going to start by sharing where I left off.

 In Sophia, from Golden Girls' voice:

Picture it. It's December 23, 2010. Patti has been shopping, shopping, shopping, in order to prepare for Christmas, mixed with working on her portfolio and attending a series of interviews for a new job. A new job that's going to be THE job, because it would allow her to pursue her own freelance. It's in an industry she loves, and it seems to good to be true. She's beside herself with hope and anticipation:

 I'm sitting here at my desk. It's the last half day of work before Christmas holidays, and I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to find the time to fit all the exciting holiday festivities into the week that I have off. IHOPEIGETHEJOB. Between parents, step parents, the Guy's parents, the friends.. will mom like her gift? IHOPEIGETTHEJOB. Will theGuy be excited? Will it be nice weather? JOB! JOB! What will I wear? JOB! JOB! I'm exhausted already and the crazy antics of the Christmas season haven't even started.

 "Okay! You guys can take off now!" That's my boss. I go to close my browser window where I've been hitting refresh on my email all day, waiting to hear from the potential employer, and I see that there's something waiting for me. Can't look now, it's time to go home.

I run. I really do, I run all the way home. Don't get too excited; I'm not a graceful runner. More of an arms flailing runner. I'm like a cartoon of the most uncoordinated run put into motion. The whole time, in between trying to catch my breath while simultaneously attempting to look like I'm not totally having a heart attack and trying not to slip on ice, I'm thinking "you got the job! NO! Don't get too excited! They could be letting you down gently! You got the job! Don't get your hopes up, Patti. This could be IT. But don't get excited."

I get home, check my email.

They'd like to extend an offer.

WHAT!? I got the job. I got the job! I GOT THE JOB! And I start two weeks after the Christmas break!

I'm walking on air. I got the job.

Things are going to change around here.

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