Christmas, Christmas time is here - not really: Patti's Recap Part II

It's December 24, 2010.

Christmas Eve has come.

And I'm seriously in outer space, so thrilled to have something new and exciting to look forward to (my new job). My mind is racing with freelance opportunities I want to pursue in my spare time. I can't wait to see where this will take me.

And it's Christmas Eve! The gifts are wrapped and under the tree. I'm packed, I'm dressed, and I'm waiting for my guy to get home so that we can begin our Christmas traditions!

TheGuy and I have been together for 10 years. In those ten amazing (and difficult and challenging) years, we have always had our special Christmas Eve traditions (which is the beginning of our CRAZY Christmas marathon. Like, seriously - it's intense).

First - we meet theGuy's mom, step-dad and brother at Dragon Court, our favourite Chinese restaurant which serves the most FANTASTIC Szechuan EVER. We eat. And eat. And eat. It's fabulous.  I'm still on air. I got a new job! All smiles, all happy. It was a long road to get here, and I'm smiling between mouthfuls of string green beans in hot pepper sauce. Perfect!

Second - we go to church. I'm not a church person. In fact, churches make me feel like a weirdo. I'm super spiritual, you could say, but I'm not into the whole industry of the church. That being said, there's just something about the Christmas Eve service. The smell of pine from the big tree. The twinkling lights. The smiling faces. The Christmas carols. Being there with MyGuy, his mom, his brother.. it's fantastic. Magical. And I can't help but tell everyone that I see that I GOT THE JOB, so it's extra smiles and giggles from me (what can I say? I'm a little obsessive!)(And I really wanted this job).

Lastly - my favourite tradition with theGuy ever - we go to look at the lights. Christmas Eve gives us a chance to reflect on the past year; what we've overcome, what we've achieved and how we've grown as people, as well as a couple. I'm excited about my job, the new place, and theGuy... this gets very mushy (you know I love it!!) so I'll spare you the gritty details.

We arrive at my favourite spot in the park, the gazebo on the island, and we pause to take it all in. TheGuy takes my arms (really tightly!) and I'm blown away when he drops to one knee and reaches for his pocket. When he speaks the words "Will you marry me?", and pulls out the ring box, I think I stop breathing! I can't talk (if you knew me, you'd know this is amazing in itself)! I can't even see the ring for all the tears. I haven't said yes. Oops! I toss my Bailey's on the ground and babble "Yes, yes, yes!"

This isn't the actual proposal - but we re-enacted it for our engagement shoot in the exact spot it took place. Except he was facing the other way, and it was night time. But still. I'm sure theGuy LOVED having to do it again, in public, in daylight, with an audience.
A little dazed, I make it home, (is this even my life?) there are candles, roses, champagne and a bridal magazine (such a smartie!) waiting for me. We spent an amazing evening giggling and smiling, drinking, giggling and smiling. It made for an interesting Christmas morning (a little hung over, okay, maybe a lot hung over, but still absolutely thrilled and excited and giggly), but I couldn't believe it. I'm not lucky like this. Things like this don't happen to me! How was it possible that in less than 48 hours my life could have such big amazing changes take place? What a Christmas gift!

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