Shake it like a Polaroid picture..

Thursday was my lovely friend, Jakey's Birthday. He turned 27! TheGuy and I celebrated his birthday with him yesterday, and I was struck again by a) how long we've been friends, b) how comfortable and nice it is to be friends with him and c) how much it would suck to be ALLERGIC TO ALCOHOL - seriously - the birthday boy had 2 1/2 drinks and was sick as a dog. Not a happy moment for him! Poor Jakey!

Anyway - Jake is a designer who has such a different way of looking at things! He is able to see beauty in old things, he has an eclectic sense of humour and loves things that are a little rough around the edges. His work is always a little kooky - in a good way. I wanted to do something a little modern, but a little imperfect to honour his special day! A polaroid popped into my head - how beautifully ugly are polaroid photos? The hues, odd exposures and perfect frame make the polaroid an iconic visual that I thought would speak to Jakey!

Happy birthday, Jakey!

All elements were created by me!

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