Home Sweet Home

Very exciting news has hit theGuy and I this week - we're moving! I am so very excited and keep thinking of all these crafts that I can do in the house! There is an amazing website that has so many diy projects that I can't wait to take on, it's called Design Sponge and you should really check it out.

So, moving day will be April 1st - there might be a lull in activity around then (not unlike lately!), but hopefully I will be able to do a ton of creative projects and post them on here to share! Whee! I am so excited for my new studio - hopefully it will be inspiration headquarters!

So - step one - I am on the hunt for old school ornamental frames. They can be hideously ugly, plastic, glass-less, housing a painting of a seagull, whatever - but I would like as many as possible - so keep your eyes peeled, people. If you see a stash somewhere, please let me know! I can't wait for my first project!


  1. Congrats!

    In our experience, finding old school ornamental frames is harder than one would think. Sounds like our standards were a little higher than you're setting yours, but I don't even remember much of anything at all.

    Are you looking to refinish them in bold colours?

  2. You know, Jon - I was just thinking black - but I'm liking the way you think!

    I JUST discovered spray paint when preparing for my Hallowe'en party this year - can you believe it? So I want to do a project with it! I've collected some square frames that will do the trick, but I want some crazy cool ones - and haven't seen any yet. I might hit Value Village!

  3. Next you'll have to get into spray paint and stencils! (I've only done this twice, but it's fun...)

    You should try looking at Worth a Second Look on Victoria. Great store.

  4. Oh my, Jon. This is going to be an addiction, I think. I know that after the party, I was like "I WANT TO SPRAY PAINT EVERYTHING BLACK" (because I had black spray paint). Stencils? Oh no. Here we go. I haven't been crafty for a looong time and I have a feeling this is the beginning of a new addiction!

    And Worth a Second Look is amazing! I got my tv from there for 15 dollars! My kind of store. I haven't been in forever, though - I think I might have to take a gander.

    And everyone is talking about the ReStore. Pretty excited about that!

  5. It's so hard to find time to be crafty sometimes! Especially when there's a house to take care of!

    I still haven't been to the ReStore. I really have to go there some time.

  6. That's the benefit of renting. Some things can be passed onto the landlord!

    But you're right, you're absolutely right - there is always other work to be done that keeps the crafts from happening. But I'm going to work on that. I'll let you know if I come up with an ingenious plan!


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