Better Together

I am so excited to share with you the project I have been working on for Family and Childrens' Services. It was a capital campaign called Better Together, and I got the wonderful job of branding it in its entirety - from logo to print pieces.

This brochure can also be found here, as an online .pdf

Unfortunately, life's been busy so I haven't had a chance to photograph these pieces for you and the computer mock-ups just don't do it justice, but I'd like to share with you anyway!

It's called Better Together, because it's based on the concept that families operate when they can learn together. They want to build a family center, so instead of splitting up families, they can enable and encourage everyone to work together as a team, with classrooms and courses - to give families tools to stay together and create healthy environments. It's pretty awesome. Click here for more details about it!

If you're looking to make a donation, this is such an excellent cause, and such a wonderful team. I can't wait to see the completed building. It was such a pleasure to work on something that is so wonderful.

I don't know how to do 'jumps' on a blog yet, so I'm sorry to drive you bonkers as you wait for these to load, but here are a couple more pieces:

Signing off!

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