Have you ever wondered how to spell the sound that you make when you stick out your tongue and sputter at someone? There has been an entire study on it - I saw it online somewhere - if I find it, I'll post it. Anyway - the title of this post is my approximate spelling of that action - I sounded it out.

Mondays - what is it about you that makes me want to just spbbbbbbt at you? Poor Monday - the most loathed day of the week - I wonder if it has a complex? 

Edit: This is not the article I read - but apparently I spelled it wrong!

Ah-HA! Found it! The Sneeze is a hilarious blog - Here's his article on that topic!

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  1. I've always preferred a hearty THHHHBBBT!!! myself.

    Love the tongue! You managed to make it cute, not gross, which, as someone who is totally icked out by all things nose/mouth mucous, I truly appreciate!


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