I wish I invented this

How freaking cool is this?

I'm going camping this weekend and stumbled across this little beaut. How COOL is this? So small, it can be towed by a small car - can hold up to 800 lbs of stuff.. everything folds and packs away making this a terrific trailer for towing ATVs and stuff like that - also, bike racks can be mounted on top. And there's room for a King and a half sized bed in there  - mattresses can fold down, or two singles - plus they're flip to be a table! What a sweet little trailer for a couple of camping enthusiasts! I love the look and design, and I love how spacious it is inside!

But.. sigh, money doesn't grow on trees, and so, this won't belong to me any time in the near future. But still, so cool. Y'know?

Wanna read more? Click here and you'll see pics of it, too!

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