Hey gorgeous!

I don't know about you, but I like to play tricks on my mind all the time, and leave little surprises around for myself just to give me a moment of "yay!" It's like my current-self giving a gift to my future-self, and my future-self is always like, "awww! That former-self is so thoughtful", except that it wouldn't be my future-self thinking that because in order to think, it would have to be current, and really, since I'm sharing a story of something I've done before, they'd all be former-selves and I feel like I have just made this all a lot more confusing.

My different selves get mad at each other, like morning-self being really mad at the-night-before-self because she stayed up way too late.

My different selves like each other sometimes like lunchtime-self being really happy that morning-self put grapes in her lunch.

It's a love hate relationship that I have with myself, which just seems natural, if you ask me.

This brings me to a story that my morning-self and end-of-work-day-self take great pleasure out of on a daily basis, and I thought I would share it with you because, well, you never know - maybe your current-self can start thinking of nice things to do for your future-self, and then we'll all walk around with smiles on our faces (note: night-before self is almost never never nice to the other selves because the night-before self is lazy and wants to stay up for another episode of American Horror Story, so this is why people are grumpy in the morning. Night-before-self is not friends with the other-selves, but it has the most fun, so it's not really missing out).

Can I point out here that 'self' is a really weird word? Self, self, SELF, self, self. Weird.

TheGuy showed me a hilarious sexy photo of himself a few months ago. The guitar shop he works at has a super talented photographer who works there to take photos of the repairs they've done, and of the vintage guitars in the shop. One day, theGuy was waiting for the photographer so they could take a break, and she was taking a really long time. So the Guy thought it would be hilarious to pose with guitars like the model that he is, and she captured some shots. And then he made the mistake of telling me, which meant that I begged him for the shot, and that's when my afternoon-self was very kind to the morning and end-of-day-selves because every single day, when I start my computer in the morning and shut down the programs at the end of the day, I smile with glee and clap my hands when I see this as my wallpaper:


Feeling some inner turmoil lately? Maybe your selves aren't being nice enough to each other. Spoil yourself. You deserve it.

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