Zip-a-dee doo-dah!

I believe that, no matter what career you select, when inspiration hits, it's one of the most absolutely magnificent things that can happen. It gives you a little pep in your step, a little something extra to smile about, and ideas that whirl around in your head like magic!

In any creative career, the dreaded "writer's block" applies. Whether you're a graphic designer, like I am, or a musician, or a writer - the worst experience is when you've got nothing. No inspiration, no passion, no ideas. 

Sometimes the ideas are in there, but just require some coaxing to get them out. When I was at Design Thinkers a couple weeks ago, my notes started out by being taken in the typical handwritten fashion. As the conference continued, you could visually see my creativity leaping out from inside me and onto the page. My simple notes transformed into decorative script, ornate swirls, block letters.. I was getting inspired!

This has put some extra pep in my step. A smile on my face. Some extra ideas in my mind. I feel like I'm walking around with the best secret in the world, because on the outside, I look like your typical gal. But my insides are bursting with colour, shapes, text and bubbles. And if it makes me want to whistle at theGuy, and if it makes me want to sing out loud, so be it.
Hope you're having a zip-a-dah dee-dah kind of day.


Whatcha talkin' 'bout Willis?