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My friend, Jules, is, first of all, extremely beautiful and lovely to look at. Just had to put that out there. She's also happily married. Sorry boys.

Jules gets a great amount of pleasure in throwing things out. So, with the recent renos in her gorgeous house, she was on the warpath to chuck, chuck, chuck.

I was discussing my newest idea with Jules, which involved a nice old frame. I was mad because the local thrift stores were charging way more than I wanted to pay for a used frame that I was going to spray paint anyway.

Well, the stars were aligned, and Jules brought me up this bad boy, which she'd intended to throw out the day before and had forgotten.. and welcome to:

Chalkboard art in your home! :)


TheGuy and I went out the following weekend and picked up some pressed-board, or something like that. You know.. the stuff that ikea uses for the back of cabinets. It had a smooth surface and it was cheap, cheap, cheap ($12 for a sheet so big, it wouldn't fit in the car. We used about 1/4 of it for this project).

I happen to be an incredibly lucky individual with a very handy husband, who could see how excited I was about this project and took care of it while I was at work. What a great husband. He sent me these pictures:

He removed the painting from the frame and sprayed it a high gloss white. 2 coats.
Then he trimmed the pressboard and used chalkboard spray paint on it. 3 coats.
Then, he put it all back together for me, and we let it cure for three days.

We had stew for dinner that night. Holla.
Every time I walked by it, I got more and more excited. TheGuy does finish work for a living, and it just looked so beautiful and promising!

Then, I covered the entire surface of the chalkboard with chalk in order to 'prep' it. Since there are pores in the chalkboard, you want to prep it like this, otherwise the first thing you draw will stay in those pores and you'll have a ghost-like image of that first drawing forever, and that's just not cool.

And then I got my draw on! I didn't want to make a chalkboard that had our shopping lists on it, or things to do. I wanted to create a piece of art which could be changed whenever I felt like it. And! I already knew what I was going to do - I'd figured it out on the car ride home when we'd gotten the press board (which was very cold, since the hatchback was open to allow for its size). So I got my chalk on. And let me tell you, those famous chalk artists, they make it look easy. I don't know whether I had cheap chalk, or what it was, but it was a challenge. I look at it as a learning experience, and I'm stoked for the next time!

So, voila!

 For a much better tutorial on how to make a chalkboard, visit The Art of Doing Stuff.



  1. I just picked up a wicked frame from the trash the other day and this is an GREAT idea!

    I my just need to borrow your super creative idea Patty!

    Heather McCann

  2. That's awesome, Heather! I hope you have as much fun with it as I did! I'm so stoked - I can change it up whenever I want, so it'll be something I won't get sick of! (hopefully!).

    If you want the legit name of the pressed board that we used, I can ask theGuy. It was at Home Depot - our sheet was way bigger than we needed. It was white on one side and smooth and brown on the other!

    Have fun!

  3. Patti!!! This turned out way better than I could ever have imagined! You are so creative, I wish I had a pinch of your talent! And, also, thanks for the kind words ;) Love You!

    1. Aww! Thanks, Jules! It wouldn't have been a success without your greatness! Thanks for being so stoked for my projects :)

      You're hot!

  4. Came over from the Art of Doing Stuff. Your chalk writing is amazing! You should have done it in something more permanent so as not to lose all your hard work.

    1. Aw! Hi langela! I loove the Art of Doing Stuff sooo much! It's the first site I read every morning! Thank you for your kind words! I took a photo of it, but I did it in chalk so I can switch it up for the seasons! So much fun!

  5. Came over from The Art of Doing Stuff and almost fell on the floor when I saw your chalkboard. My parents have the exact picture and frame. Tomorrow we are holding a garage sale as their house has sold. I'm going to pull this from the sale, will make it over and give it to my daughter for a gift. She will love it! I am so glad I came over to your blog. A big thank you to you!

    1. Ha! That's great! What are the odds! I'm sure your daughter will absolutely love it! The proper name for the material we used to paint the chalkboard was MDF - a thin sheet. I just asked my husband to make sure!

      Thanks for sharing!


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