Granola gag!

Happy beginning of the week! I've got some posts in the works right now, but thought that today I would entertain you with a story from last evening.

First! I would like to introduce you to Pickle, our lineolated parakeet:

You can not eat this Pickle!
I realized that Pickle may not be the most dignified name for a bird when theGuy and I were at our friends' for dinner a few weeks ago and when, in mixed company, I said to him: "I want to go home soon so I can kiss Pickle," and the entire room went awkwardly silent.

Pickle is awesome. He likes me the best, which is super awesome and cool and snuggly, AND,  I'm sooo lucky, because he even goes so far as to save his poop for me - so he can give me a nice, warm gift (the lucky part was sarcasm). Linnie poop is legit, people. It's common for theGuy and I to do a spin for a poop check before leaving the house - you just never know when that sneaker is going to leave a deposit (I'm trying not to be totally gross here, people, but I am talking about POOP).

So yesterday, after a dinner disaster (theGuy's best efforts at making a delicious dinner resulted in us heading out to our local pub at 10:00 to get something edible), we were parked on the couch watching X-Files (nerds!), Pickle was snuggled up on me, and I enjoyed a Quaker Chewy Granola Bar. Granola can be a sneaky bugger, too, so I lost a couple crumbles along the way.

When Ry and I were getting ready for bed, he laughed at me and said "Oh, Pickle left you a huge poop again," and chuckled at my misfortune. I replied "Oh no!", looked down, realized it was granola and with a calm demeanor, popped it in my mouth with a flourish.


Not a linnie poop. I would've taken a picture of the actual specimen, but I ate it.
The end :)

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