Bad Blogger

I'm a bad, bad blogger. Right now I'm waiting for a little sunshine so I can take some shots for a post I'm working on, as well as for the (highly anticipated) photo disk from my wedding so I can break down some of the other items I designed for the big day. So, to hold you over, here are some of the shots that my amazing wedding photographer, Diana Marie took and posted on her website.

So excited to see the rest! She did a great job, and she set them up as you see them below!
My mom crocheted my bouquet. She is so awesome! See my something blue?

This was my aisle! Can you believe it!?
My dude is a Scot, and a handsome one, at that! My hands look oddly veiny!
Awwww. We love each other!
At our honeymoon caboose - the owner converted a CN Rail caboose into a suite!
So there you go! I hope you forgive me for not having anything interesting to say, except that, man - I wish I could get married all over again (except for the crazy, frantic planning part!).


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