Crazy in love - Patti's Recap Part IX

I'm seriously making an effort to be a frequent flyer in this blog of mine, so I'm writing this post on the fly (haha) from my airplane. Not really. From the bus. On my phone.

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If you knew how difficult it was to post the Part VIII from my phone, you'd totally be slow clapping.

Anyway. At this point in the game, the guy and I were totally loaded with things to do. Every night, every day, and every weekend. I was super excited and extremely wound up! How would there ever be enough hours in the day? I had been looking forward to this day for so long. TheGuy is my best friend, and so, so much more. I decided that, since the whole wedding thing gets away on you do easily, I needed to take a step back from the outside influences of our wedding: options, guest lists, expenses, obligations, etiquette, desire to please and deadlines - and get to the root of what the day was supposed to be about.

He and I.

Super cheesy photo on our honeymoon!

Such a simple notion. We're simple people. We're not grand, not material, not false. We're real. Best friends. Family. And when I really thought to stop and think about it, I was overwhelmed with deep soulful feelings... Kinda. Actually, I squealed like a little girl.

I was marrying the guy who'd once given me butterflies that were so powerful, I thought I might throw up. The guy who'd seen me at my best and my worst. Oh man, did I ever fall hard for him. My seventeen year old heart told me that I neeeeeeded to be with him. And my 29 year old heart said the same thing (but in a less whiny way). Growing up together wasn't always easy. It's seriously hard to figure yourself out while trying to stay in synch with another person, no matter how much you love each other. We were basically babies when we started dating, even though we thought we knew everything there was to know about anything. But we did it. We fought hard, learned lots and oh em gee we were getting hitched! We were getting hitched, and in the forest, too! We were getting hitched in the forest and were camping with our friends and family after! The work was so worth it, and any work we put into our special day would be worth it, too!

So I got to work! What little things could I sprinkle with our love? How could I make the guests feel like we really think they're special, too?

And then, I had a gazillion more things to do. But they were so much fun to do!

So excuse my phone quality photos (remember, I'm being very dedicated and writing this from my phone!), here are some of the little things I did:

Wine labels! Fun! Bad photo. Not fun!

If you're getting married, having friends over, hanging out with your partner, or chilling' by yourself, I highly recommend taking some time to make something little have that extra oomph - it makes life more fancy!

Oh yeah - Patti & Ryan be tea baggin'
Super simple medallions jazzed up the place!

Well, here comes my stop!

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