A chip off the old block.

I did not take this photo, but this is the place!

All winter and spring, I salivate at the thought of a really, really delicious container of Dave's Fresh Cut Fries. Smothered in gravy and fresh cheese curds, or just with a side of ketchup, those heavenly spuds make my soul sing. Perfect, golden, crisp-on-the-outside, fluffy-and-moist-on-the-inside; true chip wagon fries are an art in themselves. Not too greasy, not too dry, sprinkled with sea salt, each bite savoured under the shade of an umbrella.... time seems to slow down, if only for one meal. Even the wait.. the air fragrant with the aroma of summer: chips frying, fresh cut grass; imagining the arrival of your fresh, hot fries - that's an experience in itself.

Chip wagons. What could be more summery than chip wagons? I look forward to chip wagons all year! In fact, the power of impending chip wagon action is strong enough that it enables me to have willpower against french fries all winter long, and spring, too! Chip wagons are the real deal, and otherwise it just isn't worth it.

Real chip wagons aren't restaurants. They don't have awnings, you can't go inside them. They CAN be a building as long as orders are taken through a small window. These are the rules. Sorry. I don't make 'em.

I had avoided fried food all winter and spring. I did, after all, have a wedding dress to fit into. But I knew that no matter what, as soon as our local chip wagon opened,theGuy and I would relish the opportunity to 'misbehave' by indulging in our favourite fare.

Planning a wedding meant life was busy, and on our honeymoon, when passing roadside chip wagons, we agreed to save it, so that Dave's Fries would be that much sweeter.

Our first day back, I could barely contain myself as we hopped in the car to visit our favourite hot-weather haunt. 

It was closed.

But, optimistic, we knew that this meant when we did finally get to experience those splendiferous spuds, that they would just be all that more superb.

And closed.

And closed.

And closed.


So now, on this rainy Friday, when fall is overwhelmingly present in the air, I WANT MY MOMMY.

I think we missed the boat this year.WE MISSED THE FRESH CUT FRY BOAT! The chips I have been dreaming of since last October.... the fries we spoke so fondly of on our HONEYMOON. The hours that have spent daydreaming about their perfection. Now I have to wait until next year. It seems so far away.

It hurts my heart.

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