We have a few little, ahem, pets that have decided to make our home theirs as well.

Mice. Blech. I knew that Mice were something that accompanied old homes, but I always thought that they only lived in dirty places. I have since learned that this is not true!

After an evening of vacuuming every nook and cranny, sealing all of our food in rubbermaid containers and setting a wide variety of traps, the mice thought they would prance around the house, while I hid in terror. Home alone.

I finally came up with (other) logical explanations for the occasional creak in the house (GHOSTS!) and drifted to sleep at one in the morning last night - waking up, ten minutes later, to a horrifying SNAP! Bang! Bang! It sounded like someone had tap shoes on in the studio. Terrified and home alone, I texted theGuy in horror - hiding myself in my tightly tucked covers. Half an hour later, he came home. (MY HERO!)

One of the mousetraps was gone.

We caught a mouse. By the tail. He managed to get across the room, but in the end we (okay.. theGuy... I was still hiding) were able to get him and take him away to release him miles from home.

This morning, I saw another one. These little jerks have gotten too smart. It doesn't matter that we have FIVE MILLION TRAPS - they just do a little dance routine around them. I know it. In tutus. They're cute when they're held hostage, but not as a dark smudge that streaks across the room - leaving one's very imaginative mind to add fangs and bloodshot eyes and foam.

So today's daily design challenge is a drawing I made in illustrator.. my lovely levels of exhaustion leaves me unable to focus on anything other than the RODENTS who are tormenting my poor budgie!

Enjoy! :)

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