I dabble in photography.

I dabble in most things artsy, really - doesn't mean that I'm more than an amateur, but it keeps me happy! This year, the Guy was kind enough to hook me up with a flash for my camera! I love it, the diffusers I got are also pure genius, and, if nothing else, the appearance of them will surely mean I can get up to the front of any concerts I'm attending - people will think this amateur is a pro! Works for me!

Today I spent the day unloading camera cards (I'm usually so on the ball with that but not the point and shoot I hijack from the Guy occasionally!), so there wasn't much time for creativity beyond colour correcting and resizing/cropping! However, I do have some photos that are pre-flash I would like to share. This Christmas, we got to spend some time with our wonderful niece, and she is quit the little model! (I think everyone thinks that about their little loved ones!). So here are some of my favourite shots, taken with my Canon Rebel - the ORIGINAL (6.3 MP did at one time seem RIDICULOUS!). Hope you like 'em, too!

All dressed up and ready for Christmas!

Little L found The UncleGuy's nose!

Time for a break - this Christmas business is exhausting! Don't we all know it!

So, signing off for now - hope you enjoy!

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