Daily Design Challenge Entry One

Well, it isn't much - but on my first day of my design challenge, I thought I'd make a little graffiti art on facebook for my sister who I didn't get to see for New Years. Now, for anyone who isn't familiar with the graffiti concept, it's basically like paint - you have a colour pallete, limited brush sizes and opacity that you can adjust - and that's about all.

So this is my version of a sparkler - very computery, I know, but something fun - got the ball rolling!!

Note to self - invest in a wacom tablet.

Happy New Year everyone! Hope your resolutions are all met!


  1. I can promise you that if you do invest in a tablet, you will absolutely never ever ever ever ever have any reason to regret it. That is, until you break it from over-use. Then you will regret not having a back up tablet.

  2. haha! Thanks for the tip! I feel like I could break it from over-use, so good to know!

    Wish I knew who you were so I could be all like "Thanks, Bobby-Oh!"


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