Design a Day Challenge

So. Smashing Magazine had an article about a daily design challenge. The idea is that an artist should challenge themselves to design something every day, which will increase their creative flow, as well as strengthen their talents; whether it be illustration or design in general.

I was thinking that this is the kind of challenge I would like to participate in. So for the year 2010, my goal is to design something every day (or at least every work day), and post it on my blog. Depending on the type of design, it may not be uploaded daily (I may need to scan it, etc.), but the goal remains the same. I want to be creative daily, in a way to express myself and build a gallery of work that reflects me.

So, in the spirit of creativity - this Christmas had me working to create some truly unique pieces of art for some of my family members, and I thought I would post them here, to get the ball rolling.

Hope you enjoy!

This was a set of camoes of the kids that I created for my mom and step-father. There are five kids in the family, and they helped me out by sending photos of their profiles (no, not facebook profiles) so I could work with them. Each of us has a unique profile, and I think they're all fairly recognizable! I used textured scrapbooking paper for the cameos, and got the background from another set of scrapbooking papers. That section comes in handy for more than just scrapbookers!

There's a blurry and out of focus shot of my cameo. Fun!

Here is the painting I did for my sister. She is always dreaming about something, and she has managed to reach a lot of the goals she set for herself from childhood! Very motivated, I wanted to give my whimsical sister something that encouraged her to continue reaching for the stars. Acrylic on canvas, this is what I came up with.


  1. Oh hello there!

    Just found this and LOVE the idea of the daily design challenge.
    Also, LOVE this cameo project.
    looks amazing.


  2. Thanks, Hilary! The cameo project did turn out super awesome - a way cool personalized gift that was incredibly easier than I thought it would be!

    Hope you're staying tuned on my design projects - I'm really getting into it - it's a lot of fun!



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