A reason to do fun make-up? Yes, please!

I'm a Halloweenie.

Really, I am.

I love Hallowe'en! There is something about the spooktacular holiday that brings me back to my childhood and gets me excited (possibly all that candy!). My goal this year was to throw a party with as many photo ops as possible. Through lots of searching online, the Guy and I found a whole bunch of do-it-yourself projects that were begging for our attention. Specimen jars, heads in bottles, witch finger cookies, toe tags, murder mysteries, IV bags, monster eyeballs... there were so many things to do! Even though I started in September, it was still a rush as the countdown to Hallowe'en got shorter. My mind was racing with new ideas of what to do next!

The party turned out awesome; our friends looked amazing; everyone really stepped up to the challenge! The photo above is myself as "Little Dead Riding Hood" being attacked by a Zombie Bob Ross. Could life get any better?

Anyway, thought I'd share with you my very favourite project; the potion jars. I made about 15 potions; from the labels to the contents and couldn't have been happier with how they turned out.

And voila!

Happy November!

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