How living in a first world country is pretty fancy

So.... I'm a nerd.

Like, seriously. I am such a ridiculously neurotic worrying nerd, it's not even funny.

I went for my massage yesterday, and if you didn't know how much of a nerd I am, you should read yesterday's post. I have a wonderful base of friends and readers, and to anyone who stumbled here because you're nervous about getting a massage (did you google "I'm terrified to get a massage?" because I did), you should really read what was posted in my comments yesterday because that made me feel sooo much better (hi Deborah! Thanks for the info!).

So in I go, feeling much more prepared for everything because I have these awesome readers (Hi again, Deborah!), but still a little on edge. I wasn't entirely convinced that I wouldn't pass out from starvation while on the table. I was also nervous about the whole undressing part. Especially since my massage therapist is a dude.

But guys! It was fantastic!

I stripped down like a friggen champ. That's right. I handled it like a pro star. Not be confused with porn star.

WHY did I spend so much time agonizing over this? People! I'm a convert! I didn't believe my coworkers when they suggested the chiropractor, but I sucked it up and went and then I fell in love. With chiropractor care, not the chiropractor. Although he's really nice and everything - Hi Dr. Colin! And now, now.. I just have to figure out how to work out daily massages into my budget. They're soooooooooo good.

If you're from the Kitchener Waterloo region, and you need a chiropractor or massage therapist, pop on over to KW Health Connections, because they're awesome and it's kinda like going in to see a friend because they're all so nice, but in a super smart and professional kind of way. And tell them I sent you because  they'll probably tell you funny stories about how scared I was when I first started going. I'm all about providing a laugh.

And this all got me to thinking, as I pondered the dentist appointment that I am going for tomorrow (which was really this morning, since I write these posts the night before - conFUSing).... holy first world life, batman.

Seriously. I, not only have the opportunity to pay someone to rub my back to make me feel good, but I can have it covered under benefits? This is so cray cray! And then, I can pay someone to move things around and push my joints into the right spot, and then that can be covered by benefits, too? I can go to the dentist and have professionals clean my teeth, and have it paid for. All I have to do is lie there, and people perform these crazy things in order to look after me and my body. It's like I have minions or something!

And then I started thinking about the gym and was all "seriously? On top of massage therapy, chiropractors and dentists, there are facilities created so that I can work my body because my day-to-day-life is too lazy for me to survive a long life without these special facilities?

And we still have to physically carry children and give birth? Now that's a first world problem I'd like to see go away!

Have you experienced the fantastic first world pleasures, like massages and chiropractors? Are you scared like I was? Tell me your stories :) And if you know of more awesome things I can have my insurance pay people to do for me, tell me that, too! :)

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