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Sometimes I get these ideas, and then my current self is all "hey, past self, you're the shiz", and I dance around because things like that make me happy, and then I'm constantly saying to theGuy "I'm so happy I did this. Don't you think it's great that I did this?"

Right now I am completely, totally, fully, enamored with my chalkboard.

And I'm also completely, totally, fully enamored with my oldest childhood friend, Alie, and her girlfriend, Kelly. Because they're really awesome and I don't see enough of them and I had so much fun when I was down there attending the design conference in November when I thought I broke my foot (I didn't).. so when we made plans to catch up and enjoy the lovely deliciousness which is hot pot, and have a slumber party, I got so excited, and so I did this:

I've been a nerd for typography for a super long time, and I am absolutely loving getting my hands dirty with some chalk. I'm working on a wedding invitation right now and the bride was looking for this style, so it's been a fantastic time. Chalk is awesome. Chalkboards rule. And my current self thanks my past self for deciding that the fact that I struggle with committing to any one piece of artwork means I can have different ones ALL THE TIME. SO AWESOME.

Anywho. We had a really great time, and we played this amazing game called Cards Against Humanity, which is super awesome but not for the politically correct. Seriously - at points, I laughed so hard, I couldn't even speak. It was great. AND, they've been sold out since Christmas, so they have a set of cards which are PRINTABLE and FREE on their website. I say go get yourselves some. And add to them like maniacs. Because, if you're not super politically correct and you want to love your life, get you current self to print these out - your future self will love you for it.

A random rambling post, this is, but it's Wednesday, so sometimes that's how it goes! Happy hump day!

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