A boy named Tony

You know how sometimes it just feels like the world is against you and sleeping is not an option, so then it kinda feels like you're training to be in the military or on the Hunger Games or something? That's pretty much my life right now. It seems like no matter how much effort I put into sleeping, it just doesn't want to happen for me. Or theGuy. And most of the reasons for theGuy's lack of sleep is because of me, so then I have guilt issues.

In light of this drowsiness, today, I bring you another poem, which I wrote in grade four. Because you all need a little fun in your life, and Sarah Pott went over pretty well.

A boy named Tony

Once there was a boy named Tony,
He was very, very bony.
He only ate carrots and he only drank milk,
And the only thing he'd wear was silk.

One day as he walked down the street,
He met someone he dreamed he would meet.
Her name was Winnie,
And she was very skinny.

They fell in love, and they got married,
They had kids, and when the kids were carried,
They were so light, they floated away,
And no one has seen them to this very day.

I'm not quite sure why he only ate carrots - maybe he wanted to restore his vision. And obviously, since milk is good for your bones, he was looking after them. And it's kind of weird that he only wore silk, but I think my fourth grade self knew that only the very thin can really pull off silk. When I think of Winnie, you know I'm thinking of Winnie from the Wonder Years. Because that was one wicked bad show. Remember when they thought that Marylin Manson was the guy who played Paul? It's not true, but I will never look at Paul the same way.

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