Service with a smile

I was born and bred to be in customer service.

Seriously, I was. I was hard at work in my grandfather's store at the age of 8, if not earlier. Love it.

One of the tips I learned a long time ago, was that when you answer the phone, you should always do so with a smile, because customers can hear your smile over the phone, and you sound pleasant that way.

I totally do that, and agree that you can definitely hear a person smiling when they're on the phone.

So, I recently realized that I have also been smiling while writing emails to clients. Like, a big stupid grin, every time.

I'm not sure whether that makes me a weirdo, or the best customer experience provider in the WORLD, but that's how I roll.


  1. All I can imagine right now is your goofy grin. Like your "I'm grinning like a crazy person - I scare children" smile.


    1. I know. It's kind of scary, actually! hahah!


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