Let it Snow

It's basically spring outside, today, and it's making me happy because I prefer warm weather, but it's also making me sad because, where is the snow?

Is it just me, or does it feel nothing like Christmas without everything being covered in a blanket of sparkling white? That's the key to Christmas! Everyone dreams of a white Christmas. No one sings "I'm dreaming of a Green Christmas", after all.

So, I decided to draw a little something something, to encourage the feeling of merriment of the season within myself. And here it is:

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Tell me about it! As much as I love the weather here in Spain - it is bizarre and just WRONG to be walking down the street by palm trees and weather that is 21 degrees. Did I tell you that I am going to be going to the Beach this week.... WRONG.

    1. I know! Although, it does sound a little like you're bragging, Katie! haha!

      We have rain, rain. I feel like I live out West. This winter is feeling like Vancouver!

  2. How do you draw so perfectly!!!???? JEALOUS!

  3. oh that was from me Patti!


    1. haha! Aww, Julie! It's not really perfect if you look up close, but I like it to not be perfect, so I'm okay with that!

      Thanks, though, and love you!


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