You remain my power my pleasure my babe.

Do you ever get in moods where you feel like you're craving a solid dose of Kiss From a Rose by Seal?

I do.

Ever since I worked at the drugstore and would catch the tail end of the song, I've been hit by these cravings like a pregnant woman craves pickles. So right now, I'm totally rocking out, and I just thought I'd spread the joy in telling you that did you know, that when it snows my eyes become alive and the light that you shine can be seen? Baby.

Just sayin'.

Speaking of snow - it snowed this morning. I saw flakes. I like snow for about five minutes. At Christmas, they're totally magical. So it's okay if it snows for the month of December. Plus, it makes for magical engagement stories:
This isn't WHEN he proposed to me, but this is where. And he really didn't want to have to get down on one knee again, but he did it for me, so it was kinda like a second proposal.

If the snow would just go away after Christmas, it'd be fantastic. Now. I'm not a total selfish greedy-guts. I think of the children! Since sleds, skis and skates are splendid specimens of seasonal sentiments (holla atchu, alliteration), I think it'd be fair to extend the period in which snow shall fall into the first two weeks of January.

And then that's it. That's all. It really is very  generous of me.

And this reminds me of a tale:

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was working in a retail store in the middle of winter. It had been a very snowy winter, and the weather network was calling for flurries that day.

In typical Canadian fashion, the girl often addressed the weather to her customers. That's how we roll. We're friendly and polite like that, thank you very much! A lady in a dark coat walked in and the girl smiled politely at her.

"Wow! It's really coming down at there, eh?" she asked, indicating to the large flakes that rested on the woman's shoulders.

The woman gave her a confused look and glanced down.

"Oh," the woman said, "It's not snowing. That's dandruff."

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