Maniac Monday

I am pretty much out-of-my-mind over the moon happy and flabberghasted and tired and inspired and everything all at one time today! It was a busy, busy last few days and nights, super fantastic and amazingly awesome. Design Thinkers was awesome and inspiring, and I can't wait to go again next year (Design Thinkers is the conference that I was at last week). Can I just say Stefan Sagmeister needs to be my new best friend? He's an incredibly talented designer, and I thought he'd be cocky and arrogant, but in fact he's awkwardly humble and awesome and I love the insight that he shared with us.

More on that later (like, another day, that is).

Since I'm writing this out on Sunday  night, and I really want to catch up on the Walking Dead because theGuy is out doing Remembrance Day things with his brother and everybody knows that The Walking Dead is best watched home alone so that you can reach maximum levels of fear (love it!), I'm going to share with you some Halloween photos from our party, and then I'm going to hunker down for some Zombie action.

Myself and my white-trash husband.
The costumes turned out. True to form, theGuy decided upon his costume totally last minute, and it looked fantastic. Isn't he a stud?

Creepy deeky!
So, MissJ, my future-sister-in-law and I were hamming it up. She was the murderer of the night and she did an excellent job. Here, she is the Wicked Witch of the West. My bro was Scarecrow and their daughter was Dorothy. I didn't see their daughter, except for in pictures, and it's probably a good thing because I think I would've eaten her for sure. Does anyone else find themselves wanting to bite into cute babies? It's so frustrating not to be able to eat them (and this is why I'm not a parent).

Be afraid.
 This is  my favourite of the halloween decorations I've created. I made it last year. It was super duper easy - just grabbed some heavy black paper and painted on the rhyme from Freddy Krueger. Pretty freaktacular! We have the perfect amount of stairs for this! The only con is that I still have this creepy song in my head, rolling around up there. It'll last til the Christmas tunes take over.

The food table.
Rummy worms were the biggest hit this year - gummy worms soaked in rum. Yum in my tum!

Witch finger cookies. Warts and all!
Witch hat cookies. Super easy and pretty tasty, too!
As always, the photo booth was a hit - so many hilarious shots. Halloween was a good one this year - we had a great time! Finished off the night with some wonderful pizza, and this brings me to the next little gem I have to share with you:

Twice the Deal is all about customer service.
Though it's very dark and hard to see, this is a photo of our pizza delivery guy. When he dropped off the 'za (some time around 3 am), he complimented my make-up. That's a surefire way to make me love you, so I invited my new best friend upstairs so I could snap this shot.

He got a little handsy, so I scooted him out instead of retrying for a better one. Handsy pizza guy, you were a good sport, but keep those hands to yourself!

Signing off :)

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