Hello again, ladies and gentlemen. Okay, gentleman. I know that my brother, Turbo, is the only man to read this blog. And that's to be polite! Hi Turbo! You're so polite!

I was born, a long, long time ago (not really, but it sounds more dramatic), in "The Little Town that Did".

No, for realz. Like, that's how people refer to it. This is the marketing campaign of the town. It calls itself "The Little Town that Did" because it's the perfect description.

Chemainus, BC. Should I have shared this? Am I going to be a victim of identity theft now? Whatever.

Brief history of the town: Chemainus was a mill town, really, and thousands in the community worked at, or worked for companies who supported the local mill. So then the mill shut down in 1979, I think it was, and then all of a sudden it was like a ghost town. There was no work. What could people do!? (I should also mention that Chemainus is located on the beautiful Vancouver Island in BC - no one wanted to leave) This amazing visionary is all "We should make it be a tourist location! Let's paint beautiful murals all over the town." So then, after arm twisting, they did it, and now the town is covered in gorgeous murals and the tourism is awesome and they're basically winning at life.

My job is to support our customers by creating graphics and marketing campaigns for them. My clientele is national, so I get to work with people from PEI to BC. It's awesome.

I got a call from a customer this week, and realized that he services Chemainus. Excitedly, I told him that that's where I was BORN. I moved away when I was 3 and I've never made it back, but I know all about the murals and everything and it's so cool that he lives there. I kept going on and on and on (I tend to do that. The good thing is that, in this case, he seemed as stoked as I was!).

So imagine my delight today, when I received a package in the mail from this customer. It was a beautiful hard-cover book, in a hard-sleeve, with full colour - ALL about the murals in Chemainus, and the man who was behind them.


Like, seriously - who does that? That's one of the nicest things an (almost) stranger has ever done for me! I think it might be the nicest!

So to those of you who do little awesome things like that, you are so amazing and awesome, it's not even funny. I hope you know how fantastic you are.

Now I just have to figure out to pay it forward! Spread the love this weekend, people. Acts of kindness are the best things ever!

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