Post-Thanksgiving Rundown

I had a total brain-flip this weekend, and that's what I want to ramble on about today, because my mind was absolutely BLOWN this weekend at a NEIL YOUNG/CRAZY HORSE SHOW!

This isn't going to be a typical post-show rundown where I talk about the acoustics and the lighting and the percussion and levels of sound and all that, though I'm sure you could find it online. It's about a girl, sitting in a massive arena surrounded by thousands of people, who had a total AHA moment, and Neil Young, you're the reason.

I just turned thirty this summer. Thirty. And, though I was actually excited to turn thirty (I feel like people will take me more seriously now that I'm thirty), I also became aware that life was passing me by, and that, although the streamers and spoke beads on my bike may lead you to believe otherwise, I'm growing up, and at a rapid pace.

Maybe Neil is just a special case. I mean, his last name is Young, after all. But holy cow. I sat and watched a 66 year old man (who has abused himself with alcohol and drugs for years and years, I might add), who was just ROCKING IT, with more energy than I could at 25.

Okay, maybe he and Crazyhorse didn't look exactly like spring chickens; their jowls not as tight, their hair a little more thin, but man - those guys wore me out just watching them.

First of all, Neil opens his voice, and I swear, his voice is more clear and true than it was as a young man. Bang on. Every note. I was studying his face closely because I just didn't get how he could sing so clearly and accurately, especially while ROCKING OUT like a champ (I can't really even talk and walk at the same time - it leaves me winded)! But Neil 'aint no Millie Vanilli, and this was the real deal, my friends.

And he's cool! Like.. I'm looking at this guy who'd be eligible for a senior's discount at the local pharmacy, and he's dressed in rugged blue jeans, suspenders down (just for some fancy), a vintage band t-shirt covered with a plaid jacket... dude is actually COOL.

And they were all having SO. MUCH. FUN.

So much.

Their eyes were twinkling, they were being smart asses and they were seriously rocking their faces off - jamming on-stage like champs, for the sheer enjoyment of it. Jumping around on stage. Seriously - they played a super long set, and I was just tired from flailing around in my seat. How did they do it?

And it reminded me. Age is just a number. Even when my body gets a little slower, a little less smooth, a little more wrinkled; even when my grey hairs take over my entire head, and when my hearing becomes a little less accurate - I can still rock it, I can still be bad ass and I can still have a blast every day. I can, it's possible - it's just an attitude.

I already knew that, but I think I'd forgotten: My Nana is the perfect example of someone who just continues to get more out of life than I even through was possible. She has a more active social life than I've ever had, and she's hip, cool and awesome (and very youthful looking, too). I mean, my Nana is on facebook. She's totally awesome.

So, be inspired, people. Age really is just a number. We can all be having TONS of fun for as long as we want. There's always more waiting right around the corner. Is this an epiphany to you, or was I just super dense?

Either way - bust out those streamers and slap them on your bike. Get our your old converse shoes, or your baseball cap or whatever. You can be cool and awesome and inspirational for the rest of your life - all it takes is having a little fun with it!

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