Wedding, wedding!

This week has been absolutely wacky. Maybe it's because there's a full moon tomorrow. Did you know that things really do get funky around the time of a full moon? When I worked in retail, we knew that a full moon was coming because of the way our customers were acting. It was definitely one of those weeks this week.

But! Some silver lining action did happen - we received our wedding photos! I'm saving some of them to share the invitation process, etc., but I thought I'd share some of my favourite shots!

I applied my wedding make up using a 1.5" mirror.
Outside our honeymoon suite.

Another shout out to Diana, of Diana Marie Photography. Thank you for these lovely shots!

A story about theGuy and his kilt:
Hello handsome

TheGuy and his brother (the other kilt wearing handsome) decided to wear kilts in homage to their Scottish ancestry - especially to honour their father, who was born in Scotland. Though his kilt cost more than my dress, there was so much meaning behind it, we decided it was a go.
He's prettier than me!

So, theGuy and his brother spent a day in Toronto looking at options, and then ended up making another day trip to Barrie where they heard the best prices were. Though they were told that the rentals (shoes, suit jacket, etc.) were included with the purchase of the kilts, when they went to try everything on to ensure it fit - oopsies! That wasn't the case. So they shelled out the moula anyway, because at that point, the kilts were already made anyway (for those who don't know about Scottish heritage - each clan has its own tartan [plaid], and kilt making is a very detailed and precise art).
The wedding party!

On the Thursday before the wedding, theGuy's brother drove all the way to Barrie to pick up the kilts and drove all the way back so they could try them on. His kilt fit like a charm, but theGuy's? Not at all. Okay - that's a lie. The kilt fit - it was everything else that was completely wrong. He's a big strong man, that guy of mine, and a small sporan and jacket weren't going to cut it.

So, the day before the wedding, theGuy had to wake up at 6:30 and drive all the way to Barrie again to get the right size, this time making sure to try it on in the store, and then turned around and drove all the way to the venue (which is 2 hours away from our town) to set up decorations and get things started.

Needless to say, it was a busy couple of days, and if we look tired in our photos, we were! But I have to say - the travel for the kilt was TOTALLY worth it, because will you look at him? Total babe.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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