There are Zombies - Patti's Recap Part IV

Well, it's a holiday Monday here for me today, but we've been working away like crazy! New paint in the kitchen, fresh paint on the door, sanding, sanding our stuccoed cabinet doors (who stuccos cabinet doors? Gross!) and painting them, and making a painting for the living room! We're nothing if not ambitious.

So, Pickle (our feathered child), is sitting on my shoulder, more than a little mad that he's been cooped up in the office for a latex-free quarantine while we did the work, and I thought I'd get back to the recap!

The last few months of 2011 were kinda crazy. There were some family things going on that required a lot of time and attention, and life as I knew it was kind of flipped up-side down. We did manage to throw our annual Hallowe'en soireƩ!

The guy and I have never really done a 'couples' costume before, but the year prior, theGuy declared that from that Hallowe'en on, he was only going to dress as John Goodman in different roles. I was super stoked to hear that because, no matter how organized I try to be for Hallowe'en, and no matter how hard I try to get him sorted out for his costume (he hates all of my ideas), it's always like, the day or weekend before the party, when he's all "I don't know what to be... " and I have to decide for him.  I couldn't understand why he was so enthusiastic about having me be a part of it until I realized that he wanted me to dress up as Roseanne! Really!?

If Hallowe'en is a chance to be anyone you want to be, even the least vain of us would doubtfully choose to be Roseanne. Really, dude?

I'm nothing, if not creative, so I convinced him that Fred and Wilma would be a better match. I rolled up my sleeves and learned how to sew - a skirt for me as Wilma, and his bright orange Fred costume.

Wilma Flintstone, Scary Witch, Medusa & a Nerd.
(Sorry - this photo is a screencap from my phone)

 I don't have a photo of us because we always seem to be at other sides of the house when we host a party, so that photo will have to do!

The party was a blast and got me excited to plan our wedding, booked for July 21, 2012. I knew that we had to wait until after the Christmas rush to really get into things, but I was getting excited and was very much aware that there was a lot to do. I decided I really wanted to have a "Do It Yourself" wedding. TheGuy and I had been together for so long and were clearly committed, so we wanted to throw a party that was more about our guests than us (although it was still clearly about the two of us). I figured if we made it as D-I-Y as possible, the guests would get a sense that we put effort into ensuring that they understood how much we cared for them and appreciated them.

I don't think I had any idea what I was getting into.

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