The little sister who scared me silly

A little history here for ya. I am the proud parent of twins! Okay. Not really. I'm the proud 10-years-older sister of twins, a boy and a girl. But I often feel like a parent to these two!

I'm a little neurotic, and being a 'parent', worry about the safety of these two all the time. They're not 20 years old and living on their own, and the baby sister happens to be incredibly outgoing and good looking - and she also thinks she's invincible (she would say she is street smart, but older knows  better, doesn't it?).

I'm definitely an over-protective older sister. Overbearing, annoying, even. But I just love those two!

The Babester is a language major in University, and what a smart cookie! She decided to spend the first semester of her third year of University in Spain, ALL BY HERSELF. Oh my god. My Babester is in Spain. All by herself. TERRIFYING. EVERY MAN IN SPAIN IS A SUSPECT! A potential creepo, criminal. I can't help it. It's my baby sister!

I've tried to have faith in her decision making abilities - but FACEBOOK IS SCARING ME.

So.. introducting.. Babester's-facebook-posts-that-scare-me-silly.

1. Okay - so I told her I was going to write this post, and I think she removed some of her status updates (told you she was a smart cookie). But the post I read on the first night she was there was something along the lines of "Thank goodness for Swedish Boys! If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have found my way home!"

2. "This. killed. me bahahahahahahahahahah Web Remeption - How to Get European Men" (Hello, Babster - you're FIVE!"

3. "Spanish cabbie just aked for my number - I respectfully declined saying I didn't have a Spanish phone.. he knows where I live." (GET A BASEBALL BAT!)

4. "On a weekend, it isn't uncommon for my 7am alarm to go off and tell me to go to sleep, as opposed to waking up...."

5. "I LOBE NANA ADAIR CUZ SHE IS THE BEST NANA EVER." (Okay - sweet message - a drunken update about your Nana. On facebook. Accompanied by: "You're the best Nana ever. Cousin1 & Cousin2 are so blessed to habe you  and I promise you that one day they will trealize it!!! In the mean time, as the other baby, I love you like friggen CRAZY!! And I miss you sooooo much!!!!v My Nana-not an old lady - but my world <3 60="60" a="a" case="case" cuz="cuz" has="has" just="just" love="love" mans="mans" of="of" okay..="okay.." only="only" p="p" she="she" the="the" tops.="tops." whatever.="whatever." you="you" youre="youre">
6. "They say that when it is the right time, you just know. So..... I introduced my new friends to my booty dancing last night - just shaking that Canadian bacon." (Booty dancing is what she calls the Jersey Turnpike.)

The Jersey Turnpike
7. "That awkward moment the police escort you right to your apartment door because they're looking for someone...  3 cruisers outside my window. At least I'm safe!"

I swear there were more posts than these, but maybe my brain magnified them, it's entirely possible. Either way, that girl better return safe and sound with all parts intact. Every time I get a message from her like this: "uBut I just had som many 50 year olds tell me how petty I am - then in the vcab - the cibbie kept nonchallently.. mentioning how gorgeous I was.." it freaks me OUT! So I told her I was going to write this post and she made me feel a lot better. She said: "I don't ever want to terrify you. Except - I might be on crutches cuz I rtipped off the crub trying to get into the cab..." 

It's an experience of a lifetime, right? Have fun, Babester!

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